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Surcharge Settings and Rounding
Surcharge Settings and Rounding

This article contains information about setting surcharges and rounding along with their rounding methods.

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Additional fees can be added for each sale in your store, for example Service Charges. You can set the additional fee to be applied to all outlets or only to certain outlets.

To access additional fee and rounding settings, please click the Settings menu and then the Tax & Other Fees sub-menu then navigate to the marked section as shown below.

Additional cost

You can add additional fees for each order required to your store such as service charges. To add additional fees, please click the Add Fee button as shown below.

After you click the Add Cost button, a new page will appear to enter the additional costs that you want to add as shown below.

Here are some information you must fill in to add additional costs to your store.

  • Name: Free name for any additional charges you wish to add.

  • Cost (%): The cost you want to add to the additional cost to your store sales order in a percentage unit.

  • Calculation Method: You can choose later the additional costs that you add are calculated after the order total/before the subtotal/before the final total.

  • Outlet: The outlet you choose to apply an additional fee to. The options available are all outlets or one.

  • Status: Status Active or Inactive for additional costs that you have added. You can temporarily turn off additional fees for a set amount of time according to your business needs.

Rounding Settings

Rounding is commonly used to avoid calculating odd numbers when paying in cash. For example, Indonesian currency has a currency value of at least Rp 100. If there is a purchase of Rp 11,111, and you set the rounding down every 100 silvers, the automatic value will be Rp 11,100.

To determine the rounding of the final total value in your shop, please activate the button in the right position. Activate Rounding as shown below.

After you activate the rounding settings, some information will appear that you must fill in as follows:

  • Rounding Method: There are 3 options to round the total calculation. Automatically will round the multiple of values ​​0.1 to 0.4 down and 0.5 to 0.9 up.

  • Rounding Interval: This setting is usually filled with the smallest currency value used in your shop's country. For example, the automatic rounding method with intervals of 100. If there is a total order of Rp 99,377, with this rounding setting, the total order will be Rp 99,300.

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