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[Getting Started] Add New Products
[Getting Started] Add New Products

This article elaborates on a product initial setup.

Written by Chee Sing
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After familiarized with iSeller Web Admin, the upcoming step is to add products to your store. To add new products, please select the product page in the Catalog menu.

To add single product, please click Add Product in the upper right corner of your iSeller Web Admin view. When you click the Add Product button, you will see the form as shown below:

Please fill in the Product Title, Image, and Price of the product.

  1. Product Title: This is product name that will appear on your selling channels.

  2. Image: Please select a file or drag an image file from your product. Your product will be more significant if you already have an online store from iSeller.

  3. Price: The product price will be based on the unit price of your product.

To add one product, you can simply fill in the Product Title, Image, and Price of the product. Then click Save to save the product that you have filled.

iSeller also provides additional features such as product variants to increase the type of goods (eg S, M, and L shirt sizes), products with recipes that can reduce the stock of ingredients when purchased, combo products containing products that customers can choose from, and modifier products where you can add food toppings.

Import Product Listing

For a large number of products, you can download the Excel template provided, which is efficient to import numerous products into your POS at the same time. Please select Product View then choose Import in the upper right corner of your iSeller Web Admin page.

After entering the Import page, please download the Import Template that we have provided in CSV template.

With the CSV template, please fill in the fields as required. The compulsory column in the CSV template that must be filled up are Handle, Name, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Price, Images.

  1. Handle: Product name that will appear in your Online Store. The writing must be unique (different for each product), all lowercase and replace spaces with - (strip). Example: red-shirt, blue-pants-adult

  2. Name: The name of the product 

  3. SKU: ID number of the product.

  4. Price: The price of the product.

  5. Images: You can insert images by writing the image file name in this column and uploading it on the Import page by selecting Upload Product Images at the bottom

*) Note that the Handle, Name, SKU, and Price columns cannot be leave empty

To learn more about product imports, please read the Import Product List page.

After all the desired products have been recorded, it is time to decide the method of payment that is acceptable in your store. iSeller is an omni-channel platform where you can sell in both physical stores (POS) and online stores. To learn about adding payment methods to POSs, please read the Payment Method Settings (POS) article. To add payment methods to an online store, please read the Payment Method Settings (Online).

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