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[Getting Started] Payment Methods Setting (POS)
[Getting Started] Payment Methods Setting (POS)

This article explains about payment methods that is available at Point of Sale.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

iSeller provides various payment methods for your POS such as cash payments, iSeller Pay, external debit cards, external credit cards, and also digital wallets such as OVO and GO-PAY. In this article, you will learn about the payment methods that we have provided and the available in iSeller.

To do payment method setting, please login to your store and open the Settings menu , in this menu there are list of sub-menus available, click the Payment sub-menu .

After you click on the Payment sub-menu , you will be taken to the payment method setting page, please scroll down till you get to the Point of Sale panel.


The most common payment method and must have is cash payment. It is activated by default. When this payment method is active, you can set the value of cash for the multiplier you want for automatic calculation of Quick Cash in POS .

For example if you fill the form with a price of IDR 5,000, and the bill price to pay in POS is IDR 18,000, then the multiplier of IDR 5,000 nearest to the price to be paid IDR 18,000 is IDR 20,000 and it will be available in the Quick Cash in POS.
Below is the screen in web admin for this example setting.

iSeller Pay

iSeller Pay method is a payment feature of iSeller that includes multi-payment. iSeller Pay supports the mPOS Card Reader device which includes all types of debit and credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and JCB. In addition, iSeller Pay also supports various digital payments such as OVO and GO-PAY.

To avoid fraud, all transaction with iSeller Pay will first payment to an account holding by iSeller. iSeller will then remit the settlement pay out to merchant on every Tuesday and Friday (T+2 rolling). All transactions can be checked in the Payout Report in the Reports menu.

One of the benefits of paying with iSeller Pay is that you don't need to take the hassle sending requests to banks to make EDCs, where it take a long time to get approval.
In addition, iSeller Pay is also fulfilled the requirements and regulations set by Bank Indonesia (BI) in 2018 where credit card swipes can only be done once in the mPOS card reader , and the payment status sent to the iSeller system automatically in an encrypted channel.

To read the steps for activating iSeller Pay, please read the article for Activating iSeller Pay.

Display on POS

Below is the screenshot on POS payment page showing available payment methods that is activated in iSeller web admin.

In addition to cash payment and iSeller Pay, we also provide other payment method such as digital wallet OVO and GO-PAY. You can also add other methods such as external debit cards, external credit cards and custom payment methods such as vouchers. Please refer to the General Payment Settings for more detailed information.

After setting the desired payment methods for your store, you can then set the tax calculation for your business. We provide a tax setting where you can determine whether the applicable tax is already includes in the price of the product or it is calculate later from the subtotal, for more detail kindly refer Taxes and Charges Setting (POS).

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