To activate payment using OVO in your store, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please click the Settings menu then the Payment sub-menu. Navigate to the Digital Wallet panel as marked in the following image.

Step 2: Click the Register OVO Account button to activate OVO. OVO requires a physical store location where you sell. If you haven't determined the longitude and latitude of your outlet location on the Outlet Settings page, a window will appear where you can determine the location of your store.

If the store location is registered, a detailed OVO data will appear that iSeller will use to transfer deposits as shown below.

  • Store Merchant Settings: This panel will be filled automatically according to the Store Name and Store Phone Number. If previously iSeller Pay has been registered, all the information that needs to be filled will be filled automatically in the OVO details.

  • Bank Account Details: Information regarding your store bank account details. Please double check all the information you enter in these details, because iSeller will send the deposit money to the bank account you registered.

  • Identity Details: KTP and NPWP number of the shop owner.

After that you have to register a cash register that wants to use OVO payments by selecting it in the activation settings section as shown below.

Activation per cash register is required because OVO requires a unique ID for each cash register used for transactions.

After that, your OVO activation process will be processed and iSeller will confirm your activation request. The normal activation process takes 2x24 hours working days. To speed up the process, you can contact us via live chat or contact us via WhatsApp.

The following is a display of payment methods using OVO at POS.

After you click OVO, a payment details page will appear on the POS as shown below.

The order fee to be paid by the customer and the Phone Number will appear. You only need to enter the customer's phone number in the Phone Number field. If it is, a payment confirmation will appear on your customer's smartphone to approve and make a payment.

All payments using integrated OVO will go to the iSeller account and forwarded to the merchant every Tuesday and Friday.

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