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[Getting Started] Payment Methods Setting (Online Store)
[Getting Started] Payment Methods Setting (Online Store)

This article explains about payment methods that can be used on the Online Store.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

To setup payment methods to be used on your Online Store, you can open Settings, then click the Payment submenu as shown below.

In the Online Store panel, you can see several payment method options that is available to be used, namely Cash on Delivery, iSeller Pay, Gift Card, Manual, PayPal, and Stripe. You can activate several payment methods according to your needs.

  • Cash on Delivery: You can use the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method where customers can pay directly for products / services ordered from your Online Store when the product / service is delivered to the customer.

  • Manual: You can set manual payments if you want to manually check all payments that you receive. By activating manual payments, you cannot use iSeller Pay, which means you also cannot track shipping packages.

  • iSeller Pay: iSeller Pay is a payment method mediated by iSeller and has several special advantages. These special benefits include, an easier payment process, and an integrated shipping feature that allows you to track shipments.

  • PayPal: PayPal is a digital wallet that you can charge to make various payments online. To use PayPal on your online store, please read Payment Settings with PayPal.

  • Stripe: You can also choose Stripe as a digital payment method in your Online Store. To use Stripe in your online store, please read Payment Settings with Stripe.

If you activate the iSeller Pay payment method, you will not be able to activate payment methods such as manual payments, PayPal, and Stripe.

iSeller Pay

Some special advantages with iSeller Pay are that you can use an integrated shipping service to track the status of shipping items automatically.

Another advantage of using iSeller Pay is that you can use credit cards, e-banking, m-banking and installments without having to submit a request to the bank. In addition you also do not need check with bank whether the payment has received or not.

Below are the payment methods supported by iSeller Pay along with respective MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) or deductions for processing fees:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB) : 2,75%

  • Additional Credit Card (American Express): 3.20%

  • Omni Payment (Bank Transfer, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Minimarket): 0,50% + Rp. 7500

  • BNI Yap! Pay : 1,80%

  • BCA Installment - 3 Months: 4.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • BCA Installment - 6 Months: 7.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • BCA Installment - 12 Months: 10.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • Maybank Installment - 3 Months: 4.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • Maybank Installment - 6 Months: 6.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • Maybank Installment - 12 Months: 9.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • Permata Installment - 12 Months: 9.00% + Rp. 1,800

  • Permata Installment - 24 Months: 13.50% + Rp. 1,800

To find out how to activate iSeller Pay, please follow the steps in the iSeller Pay Activation page.

In addition to managing the selection of payment methods supported by your online store, you can also set tax fees installed in each country. Read the next step in Tax Arrangement (Online).

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