Step 4: GrabFood Sales Channel Configurations

In this final step, you will learn the configuration settings for GrabFood integration such as synchronization and preview settings.

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In this 4th step, you can organize various settings such as outlet opening hours, inventory synchronization, and cash register settings to accept GrabFood orders.

You can set them all on the Sales Channels menu, then the GrabFood sub menu as shown below.

General information

In this section you can see the following information.

  • Store Name : The name of your restaurant.

  • Full Name : The name of the restaurant owner.

  • Country : Your restaurant's country of origin.

  • Customer Email : Email of the restaurant owner.

  • Currency : The currency used by your restaurant.

  • Phone : Your restaurant's phone number.

Inventory Synchronization

This section will determine whether changes to inventory at iSeller should automatically update your listing on the Food Delivery and Marketplaces platforms.

For more information about Inventory Synchronization, you can read the Inventory Synchronization article.

Menu Synchronization (Live Mode)

This section automatically syncs menu, prices, collections, and availability presets that you create at iSeller to GrabFood. Please activate this setting once you have fully defined all your menu.

If Menu Synchronization is disabled, all published lists will not been synced to the GrabFood system as shown below.

Menu Availability Settings

This section will display the outlet opening hours and the availability of the collections that you have specified in the Availability Preset.

Changes to presets, collections, and listing aspects such as descriptions and prices will be automatically sent to GrabFood in real-time.

Cashier Settings

Select a cashier (POS Register) to receive GrabFood orders.

Only active Sales Outlet type outlets with a minimum of 1 register will appear in this listing. The GrabFood order at your outlet will automatically received by the cashier you have specified.


In this section, you can see the appearance preview of the GrabFood application according to the Outlet, Day and Time that you have specified in the article Step 3: Availability Preset Settings as shown below.

TIP : For best practice, always preview your menu after making significant modifications to ensure that all menu configurations, collections, and preset availability are in accordance with the expected configuration.

Congratulations! You have completed all stage of setting up GrabFood in iSeller platform. As a summary, previously you have learned:

If you have further questions regarding the activation or use of this GrabFood sales channel, please read the GrabFood Integration FAQ.

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