Step 2: Listing Configurations

Learn the concept of Listings and how to create as well as publish it for the first time.

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The second step to start selling on GrabFood is listings settings. Listings module represents the menus / products that you want to register on GrabFood. Therefore, Listing can contain same information with the product it represents. It can also contain different information from the product it represents depending on your marketing strategy. Aside from representing your products, you can link your listing product to product for centralized inventory management such as automatic inventory synchronization across your sales channels. To learn more about the concept of Listing, please read Introduction to Listing article.

In this article will explain how to create and publish listings to the GrabFood system.

Step 1 : Please select GrabFood at Food Delivery as shown below.

Step 2 : Click Add Product to add a new listing.

Step 3: Fill in the General Information. The mandatory information that you must fill in in this section is the Listing Title and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) .

TIP : Enter the same SKU that your product has to link your listing to the product. Listings linked to Products have many benefits, one of which is automatic stock cutting. For best practice, we recommend linking all of your listings to your products.

Furthermore, the listing will have same information from the linked product such as Description, Image, and Price. These are not fixed in stone however. You can change them the way you like. For example, you can set a different price for a GrabFood listing instead of the price of the linked product.

To learn more about linking listings to products, please read the article Linking Listings to Products .

Step 4 : Click Save to save your listing configurations in draft or click Save and Publication to immediately publish it on GrabFood.

Once you click Save and Publish, your listing status will change from Draft into Publishing.

Step 5 : Next, go to the Collections menu to add a new collection that will be published to the GrabFood system. Activate GrabFood in the Food Delivery column in the Collections menu and a new section will appear for you to add the listings that you created earlier as shown below. After adding your listings to Collection Listing, click Save.

The collection listing can now be set in the availability preset in Step 3: Preset Availability Settings.

In this article you have learned the concept of Listing, creating new listings and collections, as well as publishing them to the GrabFood system. For the next step, you will learn how to set availability presets in the Step 3: Preset Availability Settings article.

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