GrabFood Integration FAQ

FAQ regarding activation, integration, and troubleshooting of the GrabFood sales channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : I haven't joined as a GrabFood merchant. What do I need to do to sell with GrabFood on iSeller?

A : The iSeller team will help activating your GrabFood along with POS integration. For further questions you can contact the iSeller support team .

Q : I have completed the integration according to the tutorial instructions, but my menu has not appeared in the GrabFood application. What are the possible errors of my integration?

A : First, make sure that the menu has been created in the GrabFood listing with an Active and Published status. Second, make sure the menu has been added to Collection and is in the Active status. Third, make sure the collection that has been added to the menu has been added to the availability preset and has Active status. Fourth, make sure the time and day that have been set in the availability preset are correct. Finally , make sure the Sync Menu setting (Live mode) is active.

Q : My inventory is not updated on GrabFood when there is a sale from POS or another channel. What caused it?

A : Make sure the Inventory Sync has been activated on the GrabFood Sales Channel. In addition, make sure your listing is linked to the product through automatic SKU linking or manual linking . For more information, see the Linking Listings to Products article.

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