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Contact iSeller Support Team
Contact iSeller Support Team
Written by Chee Sing
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If you have further questions about iSeller, our support team is ready to assist you during operating hours.

Operating Hours and Contact Information

The iSeller support team is available on Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 with a response time of 5 minutes. The iSeller support team is also available on holidays with a response time of 30 minutes.

You can contact us directly with any of the following methods:

  1. Live Chat : Click the blue button at the bottom right of web page and you can immediately ask for help from our team.

  2. iSeller Admin Live Chat : In the iSeller Admin App (Android / iOS) mobile application, press the Contact Us button in the menu to chat with our support team . For further guidance, please look at the Live Chat article in the iSeller Admin App.

  3. Web Admin Help Desk : In the navigation menu section on the left, you can find the help desk menu at the very bottom. Select live chat or open our documentation for further guidance. For further guidance, please refer to the live chat help on the web admin.

  4. Email : iSeller provides feedback services via the email address.

  5. Issue / Feedback Form : You can report the issue in detail or suggest any feedback through the form we have provided at

Problem Classification Report

When you report a problem on the iSeller system, our support team will process your report based on a our company's standard problem classification. iSeller classifies reports in 3 types:

  • Critical Issue : Critical Issue is system problem that make you unable to do selling in the POS application / online store or problems that make you unable to make changes in the web admin. We will process and fix your critical problems within the same day or at the latest the following day. 

  • Medium Issue : Medium Issue is problem have high level of urgency that are considered to be fixed immediately but do not interfere with the transaction process at the POS / online store. The processing time for a medium issue is 3 days.

  • Low Issue : Low Issue is a feedback or feature request suggestion for the improvement of the iSeller system. There won't be any exact time process for low issues , if we have implemented feedback on the system, the iSeller team will immediately notify you about related features.

Additional Cost for Special Support

The iSeller support team is also ready to provide onsite support such as visit to the location of the store / branch of your store to conduct additional training for better understand the system or onsite support regarding the installation of iSeller. For onsite training and support, you will be charged a nominal costs that it based on the location and scope of work.

iSeller will not charge you fee if the error that occurs is indeed a system/device error from iSeller. The iSeller support team will come to your store location and fix the system on the agreed day and time.

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