Step 3: Availability Preset Settings

At this stage, you will adjust the availability of your restaurant menu based on your operational hours.

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The third step to start selling on GrabFood is to define the availability preset. This feature determines what menu will be available at a certain time when a customer access the GrabFood application. For example, you can make breakfast preset to make breakfast menu only available in the morning, while the menu that is always available can be made by All Day preset .

For a conceptual understanding of availability presets, please read the Introduction to Availability Presets article.

Step 1 : Go to the Catalog menu, then click the Availability Preset sub menu.

Step 2 : Click the Add Preset button to add an availability preset.

Step 3 : Fill in the availability preset name, add the collection that have been listed, and specify the day and time for your preset. After that click Save .

The preset you have made with the name Seafood Food will be displayed on the GrabFood system.

TIP : If all of your menus are available at all times, then you only need to create one availability preset by entering your entire collection and ticking all days.

In this article you have learned the concept of Availability Presets and have successfully created day and time based availability settings for your GrabFood integration. For the next step, you will learn about GrabFood sales channel settings and preview your menu before publishing it to GrabFood in the Step 4: GrabFood Sales Channel Configurations article.

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