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Introduction to Availability Preset

In this article, get to know the Availability Preset sub-menu and its basic features.

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Similar to Listings, this feature will only appear if you activate one of the food delivery add-ons such as GrabFood.

In this article will learn about the availability preset along with its features. First, click Catalog menu then Availability Preset. The following image will be shown.

Main Section of Availability Preset

On the main page, you will see a list of availability presets that you have created. Here's how it looks:

In the preset availability list, we can see several columns such as:

  • Name: The name of the preset.

  • Collection: The collection you have selected for your preset.

  • Availability: Availability that you have set for the preset.

  • Active: The status of the preset. If disabled, it will not be displayed in GrabFood.

Searching Availability Preset

To find a specific availability preset, please write the availability preset name that you want to look for into the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort out the availability preset list that has that name.

Filtering Availability Preset

If you want to filter the availability preset list, please click on the funnel logo at the top left of the main availability preset page, then you will find the availability preset filtering types based on Active as shown below.

Adding Availbility Preset

To add new availability preset, simply click the Add Preset button at the top right as shown below.

To find out more about adding availability presets, please read the Main Features (Add / Change Availability Presets) article.

Additional Feature - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this module. When you tick the available data, additional features will appear that can help you process data faster.

When you are done ticking the availability presets, an additional function will appear on the dot logo at the top.

  • Disable: This feature will disable all availability presets that you have ticked. If the preset availability is disabled, then the preset availability will not be displayed in your GrabFood.

  • Delete: This feature will delete all the availability presets you have ticked.

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