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F&B Online Ordering Settings
F&B Online Ordering Settings

Learn in detail the settings available in the F&B Online Ordering add-on.

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In the F&B Online Ordering article, you have learned an outline of the features, advantages and benefits of activating the F&B Online Ordering add-on.

This article will explain more about the settings and features that can be used from the F&B Online Ordering add-on.


  • Step 1: Make sure the F&B Online Ordering add-on has been installed as shown below.

If the F&B Online Ordering add-on has not been installed, please go to the Apps menu to activate the F&B Online Ordering add-on.

  • Step 2: Make sure the products you want to sell in your restaurant have been added to the iSeller admin web, if not, please read the Product Settings article.

  • Step 3: Then, please set the online shop settings and themes for your restaurant. The currently supported theme for F&B Online Ordering is Freshie.

  • Step 4: Set the choice of payment method and delivery method that you want to use at your restaurant for F&B Online Ordering.

  • Step 5: Please set the F&B Online Ordering settings such as delivery/pickup options, registers that accept online ordering, minimum order rules, etc. on the F&B Online Ordering page.

Shipping Options

In this setting, you can determine whether the customer can order online and pick up the order himself at your outlets or the order will be sent instantly with an integrated courier that you have activated at your restaurant.

Pick Up

These delivery arrangements allow your customers to take their own orders to your outlets.

  • Outlet: The outlet that you want to support your own pick up, make sure the Outlet Type includes the Pickup Point option as shown below.

To be able to set and determine the Outlet Type at your outlet, please click the Sales Channels menu, then the Point of Sales sub-menu, then you can select one of the outlets that you want to specify the Outlet Type for.

  • Take It Yourself Interval: This feature allows you to define the amount of time that a customer can choose to take his or her own orders to your outlet.

In the column that we have provided as shown above, you can choose the interval you want to take yourself.


This shipping arrangement allows orders that have been ordered by the customer to be sent instantly with an integrated courier that you have activated.

Currently supported instant shipping service for online ordering only with GoSend.

If the GoSend shipping settings are active, a list of your active outlets will appear along with the address, telephone number and status of your outlet. In order for your outlet status to be valid, make sure the outlet address and outlet telephone number are completely filled in.


In this panel you can determine which cash register will receive online orders, display outlet options on the online ordering page, determine the average time it takes to prepare an order, and set minimum order orders.

  • Outlet: Only active outlets whose type is Sales Outlet with at least 1 register will appear on this list. Then, please select a cash register to accept online orders at each outlet that has appeared on the list as shown above.

  • Show outlet options on the home page: If this option is activated, the outlet option will appear on your F&B Online Ordering menu which is useful if your restaurant has a different menu or price at each outlet.

  • Average time it takes to prepare an order: The average time you can specify to prepare your customer's order.

  • Minimum Order: Provides online orders with minimum order rules, whether it applies to all types or only delivery.

Order Options

Existing Features for F&B Online Ordering

You can also use the features of the existing iSeller that apply to this F&B Online Ordering, such as adding discounts and managing promotions for your restaurant, applying collections to organize tabs that appear in F&B Online, and also you can record stocks. goods or track product inventory by activating track inventory with iSeller .

Displaying the Latest Menu in F&B Online Ordering

If you have the newest menu in your restaurant and want to display it in F&B Online Ordering, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please go to the Sales Channels menu, then the Online Shop sub menu.

Step 2: Click the Edit button as shown below.

Step 3: Click the Settings button on the lower right corner.

Step 4: Then click General Settings .

Step 5: Activate Enable Mark Collection as New and select which collections will be applied as new menus in your restaurant.

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