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Introduction to the iSeller Platform
Introduction to the iSeller Platform

Introduction to iSeller's powerful features as a sales platform.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

Growing a business can sometimes be difficult. Especially if you want to grow a business with multiple retail outlets and an online store. Often times it adds complication to existing business process. To integrate both sales channel is also another top difficulty. But it no longer an issue with iSeller. With iSeller, you can manage easily both your offline and online business simultaneously!

iSeller, the platform for selling anywhere, be it online or offline!

iSeller is an omni-channel sales platform where you can build a business online and offline at the same time. No more hassle, because with iSeller, you can easily build your offline business with our Point of Sale, and online business with the integrated iSeller website. Our entire system is integrated with each other so you don't need to worry about disorganized process caused by information clashes between your retail outlet and online store.

iSeller is also supported in variety of devices, including your smartphone! This basically increase the practicality to allow to manage your business anywhere and anytime. Together with an interactive dashboard and features that are very easy to use, managing your online and offline business has never been easier.

Supports the latest types of digital payments!

Not only that, iSeller also supports various payment methods. You can set different payment methods for customers to use when they shop at your online store, such as manual payments, Cash on Delivery (COD), or pay with iSeller Pay, which gives lots of flexibility to your customers. With more choices, customers will love shopping at your store.

Complete solutions for modern business requirement

iSeller helps you manage your business with some of the best features specifically designed for different types of businesses. You can manage your products from product variants, inventory management of each outlet, to stock taking. You can also manage your customers relationship, reward those who shops frequently in your store with loyalty points. Not only that, iSeller also provides features to help you manage your employees' work shift. It also execute your marketing strategy with features such as discounts, promotions and loyalty points.

You can easily monitor the status of all your outlets by  sales reports, transaction reports, up to the income statement. Forget about comparing reports manually, because everything is presented comprehensively.

Manage your business anytime and anywhere

All iSeller features can be access from the web or mobile, so that you can manage your business easily, anytime and anywhere. You can access your web admin with different devices and the display will adapt to the device screen you are using. Not only that, you can even change the color of the theme, time zone or language according to your preference.

Also enjoy the convenience of managing your web admin with the iSeller Admin application. Managing your business is now as easy as using your favorite smartphone application. Access dashboards, sales reports, transaction reports, all in a touch on your phone!

Convenient in the use of Point of Sale

Is the convenience you get only from web admin? Of course not. Our Point-of-Sale ready in the platform is also very easy to use. We have integrated the POS with other devices such as barcode scanner, printers, and others too. Forget about calling a technician to configure POS settings. Now you can even do it by yourself! It is that simple! Our POS is equipped with features designed for different types of businesses. Starting from retail business, restaurant, to express shops, we have specific features for all these business types.

Let's start selling in just five steps!

Can't wait to try selling with iSeller? What are you waiting for? Come join us with just these five simple steps:

Learn all the necessaries steps in this guidebook, and grow your business with iSeller! Get in touch with our support team now if your have any questions.

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