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[Getting Started] Create New Account
[Getting Started] Create New Account

Guidance on how to create new account with iSeller.

Written by Chee Sing
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Every user are required to register for a new account in order to start using iSeller. You can sign up the new account for free by registering at

New user who is successfully registered will have a 14 days free trial period to access all the features of iSeller according to your preferred content. This article will show you the simple steps to create an iSeller account.


It's easy. Just follow these simple steps to start registering an iSeller account.

Stage 1: Register Your Store on the iSeller Registration Page

Please enter the following page: (

Stage 2: Fill in New Account Information

Once you entered the registration page, you will find the following display:

  1. Enter a valid email address that will be used for the iSeller account.

  2. Enter the password for your account.

  3. Fill in the Store Name.

  4. Then click CREATE YOUR STORE.

After clicking CREATE YOUR STORE, the next form requesting for more business details will appear. Follow the directions and enter the required information.

The first part will be your business information. Please fill in each column accordingly.

  1. Business Type: Options available for now are Retail, Food and Beverages, and Express. Each type of business comes with special features based on the business nature.

  2. Number of Outlets: Fill in the total number of outlets you have

  3. SKU Number: Fill in the total items you have based on the SKU in your store.

  4. Average Sales: Fill in your average sales for one day.

  5. Monthly Earnings: Fill in the number of sales of your business in one month.

The following part is the contact information of the account owner. Please fill in each column with the owner's identity such as first name and last name. Whereas the address, country, province, city and postal information are the location of your store.

Tell us for your email reference in the question How do you hear iSeller ? By selecting Get info from friends, you can enjoy special benefits by reference from your friends.

After every information is filled in, your store is ready and you can click ENTER TO YOUR STORE to enter the dashboard page from the Web Admin.

Stage 3: Verify your email

After you create a store, the next step is to verify your email address. Log in to the email address that is used for registration and look for the verification email sent by iSeller as below:

Select click this link button to verify your store's email address. If the verification email is not logged in, please log in to the web admin and open the dashboard for requesting another email verification. To find out how to use POS, please read the article [Getting Started] First Use (POS).

Congratulations! Your iSeller store is ready. The next step is to setup the store settings by using iSeller web admin. Please read the Introduction to iSeller Web Admin article.

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