[Getting Started] Initial Setup (POS)

This article guides you through the initial installation process, how to connect POS with hardware, and how to make the first transaction.

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Installing the iSeller Application

Installation of the iSeller application can be done through the Google Playstore application. Each type of business (Retail, F&B, and Express) has different applications. You must install the suitable iSeller POS application for your business. This article also shows how easy the steps are to install the iSeller POS application to make the first transaction. 

To install the iSeller application, please search the iSeller application in the Google Playstore . (POS application will only appear on devices with a tablet-sized resolution).

For retail stores, please search for the keyword iSeller POS for Retail, then please install the application. Here is how it looks.

For the restaurant business, please search by keyword iSeller POS for F&B, then please install the application.

For fast food business, please search by using the keyword iSeller POS Express

Application Settings

After you install the iSeller POS application, please launch it and enter the username and password that you have created and have been verified. For usernames with more than one store, please enter the name of the store you want to enter. Here is how it looks. 

After you enter the store, please enter the required PIN as an additional security. For initial users, your PIN is 1234.

Hardware Settings

iSeller also makes it easy for you to manage hardware connections such as receipt printers, routers, barcode scanners, and others. To learn how to connect to hardware, please follow the following steps.

Step 1: Please open the bluetooth settings of your device then find the device you want to connect. In this example we will connect to a Bluetooth Printer, then please look for the printer device in your bluetooth settings.

Step 2: After you have found your device, please click on the device, then you will be asked to enter your existing PIN Number. The default PIN is 0000 or 1234.

Step 3: After you enter the PIN number, make sure that your tablet is connected to the Printer device that you want. Devices that are already connected will be in the Paired Devices column.

Step 4: Please open your POS menu and select Settings 

Step 5: After you enter the settings menu, please click Add hardware on the Hardware menu.

Step 6: Select the type of device you want to connect to your POS. In this example we will choose Printer.

Step 7: When you have paired in Step 1 and Step 2, you will immediately find the connected device.

Step 8: Click the check logo

Step 9: After you click the check mark, you will find a list of connected devices. Make sure the light next to the device name is green so that the device will run smoothly.

Conduct First Transaction

After entering your POS Shop application, a display of your products will appear as follows.

Then, please select the purchased product and you will see a shopping basket / Cart displayed on the right, then please click the Pay button where you can also see the total checkout amount. For this example we will buy the Rayban Clubmaster Classic and Smile River Island Men Ficci Jacket products. Here is what you will see.

When you click the Pay button, you will immediately be taken to the payment display as follows.

From the picture above, we can see the quick cash section marked with a red box. Quick cash is a feature of iSeller that allows you to automatically choose the amount of money that is paid by the customers based on the nearest multiple.

To configure your payment methods and for further details, please open the General Payment Settings. To use iSeller Pay, please read the Payment Settings page with iSeller Pay (POS).

iSeller provides a variety of advanced features that can be useful for more complex stores and product rules. Please refer to Learn Advanced Features (POS), to learn more.

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