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[Getting Started] Introduction to iSeller Web Admin
[Getting Started] Introduction to iSeller Web Admin

An introduction to the display layout and menu on the iSeller web admin.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

After you have created and verified the account, kindly visit for login to your store. Once you logged into your store's iSeller Web Admin, you will see a dashboard display like the following:

The dashboard display will be different for new users and users who have already been using iSeller. The dashboard display for return users provide more information as a complete view of business reports. Below is the dashboard display of iSeller Web Admin for account that have generated data.

iSeller Web Admin Menu

You can navigate easily in the iSeller Web Admin. As you can see the iSeller Web Admin menu is on the left side of your screen.


Dashboard is the main and default display of your iSeller Web Admin. For new users, the dashboard is still display the initial configuration options for you to setup your store. For existing users, the dashboard will display more complete sales data for you to manage your business.


Catalog is where you manage your product settings. Inside Catalog, there are sub menu which allows you to create and edit products, do stock transfers between outlets, receive stock from suppliers, manage inventory and collections of your products.


Orders stores all the records of orders that you have received. In this menu you can see all orders that sent in to your store. In this menu, you can also check the order number, date of order, customer name (if any), payment status, fulfillment status, and also the total order price of each order.


Customers contains information of your customers who have registered to your store. The customer information available in this menu is also quite complete. Customer information such as the customer's name, location, number of orders that have been ordered, the total amount of their spending.


The Reports Menu contains every business reports that you can use to manage and monitor your business. Reports menu is divided into several sections such as Sales Reports , Sales Reports Products , Inventory Reports, Transaction Report , and many more. Below is the screen from Report menu that you can access.


Marketing provides different types of marketing methods that you can use to promote your product. As of now, iSeller provides three types of marketing methods namely Discounts , Promotions , and Loyalty and will continue to expand as needed.

Sales Channels

The Sales Channels menu is where you configure for different selling platform. iSeller provides two selling platforms namely Online Store and Point of Sale . With this platform, you can sell online and offline at the same time.


In the Apps menu you can get all the ready to use add-ons that will enhance your experience with iSeller. You can add-on special features on either at POS or the Online Store.


Settings is where you manage all settings that is available for your store. You can configure various settings such as account settings, shipping, taxes and charges, payment methods, notifications, user settings, and also work shifts settings.

Live Chat Help

iSeller provides Live Chat support that will help you readily and promptly. To get the Live Chat support, simply click the blue box button at the bottom right corner of iSeller Web Admin page. Live chat support is available during business hours, from 08:00 to 17:00 (Monday - Friday).

iSeller also provides self help articles for you to check about the functions and features available in iSeller. You can access directly in this link that listed all available articles for your perusal.

Smartphones Compatibility

iSeller Web Admin is also compatible with smartphones and can be accessed easily via your own smartphone. Here's how:

  1. Open the internet browser app of your choice in your smarphone

  2. Connect in to

  3. Fill in the email address and password of your account

  4. You are in the iSeller Web Admin of your store

Once familiar with the navigation in iSeller Web Admin, the next step is to create products to your store to be ready to sell. To learn how to create basic product info, please read Product Settings.

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