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How to Connect The Kitchen Display
How to Connect The Kitchen Display

This article explains how to connect a Kitchen Display tablet to a POS tablet.

Written by Cheah
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Unlike the kitchen printer, orders at the POS will enter the kitchen display. On the kitchen display, the chef can easily mark dishes that have already been made, re-cook, or view all existing orders.

In this article, to avoid confusion, images with white tablets are POS and black images are Kitchen Display.

Step 1

Please download the iSeller Kitchen Display application on your Google Playstore.

Step 2

Before entering the POS and Kitchen Display applications, make sure the POS tablet and the Kitchen Display tablet are in the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3

Please open the application POS on a tablet and application Kitchen Display on the tablet. Username and Outlet on both tablets must be the same.

Step 4

On POS tablets, please click the three-line icon in the upper left corner.

Step 5

Click Settings.

Step 6

On the menu settings, please click the column Hardware and then click Add Hardware.

Step 7

Select Kitchen Display in the next display.

Step 8

Please wait until the Kitchen Display tablet appears. Then please click on the Kitchen Display tablet.

Step 9

Congratulations! Your Kitchen Display is connected! On the Kitchen Display tablet display, please see the button that we marked with the red box. If it's already green, then the connection between POS and Kitchen Display is smooth, stable, and can be used!

Then you can learn more about kitchen displays. The features available on the kitchen display are as follows:

  • View Order List: Learn about kitchen display displays in general.

  • Indicates Finished Cuisine: Chefs can easily swipe on finished dishes.

  • Re-Cook: Cases where food that has been cooked previously is rejected by the buyer and the order will be sent back to the kitchen display to be cooked again.

  • Kitchen Display Settings: Additional settings such as cooking time intervals must be made, sound notifications, and set permissions.

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