Marking Done (Mark as Done)

This article explains how to mark dishes that have finished cooking on the Kitchen Display.

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The feature indicates that the finished cooking is very helpful for managing your kitchen so that there are no forgotten orders. To use the feature, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Enter the order that has been ordered. Then click the section that we marked.

Step 2

Please complete the information that appears on the next screen.

The following is an explanation of each information that you must fill in:

  • Type: The order type of the order. Can choose Dine In to eat on the spot or Take Away for takeout.

  • Add Customer: Please select a customer if the customer is already registered in your system. To add customers, please read the Customer Introduction article.

  • Add Table: Please select a table that your customers will occupy.

  • Add Additional Tables: Used when your customers sit 2 different tables and want to match the receipt of shopping.

  • Number of People: The number of people at the table. Some of our sellers

Then click OK on the display.

Step 3

Click Send To Kitchen to process the order.

Marking Dish Complete

Cooked dishes can be marked as done by the chef by swiping left on the cooked menu.

After the dishes are marked Done, the cook will disappear from the Fire list, to display all the orders again, please click the filter button in the top right corner and select All. If the finished dishes are returned by your customer for some reason (wrong message / incompatible / charred), then you can re-cook with the Refire feature.

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