Re-cook (Refire)

This article explains how to deliver orders to Kitchen Display when food is refused by the buyer.

Written by Cheah
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This feature is specific to orders returned by the buyer due to certain reasons such as not cooked, charred, or unsuitable dishes ordered. With this feature, orders can be sent back to the kitchen display for re-cooking.

Step 1

In your POS display, please swipe the right part of your screen to the left to display the order list then select the order you want to re-cook.

Step 2

In the next display you can choose the order that is re-cooked then swipe left. Then please select Refire to be re-cooked.

Step 3

Tap Send To Kitchen to send the order back to the kitchen section.

Step 4

Kitchen Tablet Display will immediately get an order that must be refilled or re-cooked with a blue panel.

After the cooking is finished re-cooking, the chef can mark as Done as normal.

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