Kitchen Display Settings

This article explains the settings available on Kitchen Display.

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In the kitchen display, you can change / filter the list of orders that are displayed, change the warning notifications so that orders that come in first need to be made immediately, set access rights to view orders, and the duration at which the kitchen display can automatically save power by locking the tablet (autolock).

To enter the settings, you simply press the three-line icon in the upper left corner of your kitchen display, then press Settings.

The settings of the kitchen display show general settings that you can change.

  • Filter by Product Type: If you click this section, you can filter the order list display by product type. To set the product type, please read Product Settings.

  • Kitchen warning time: You can set the warning time received on Kitchen Display by pressing this button. You can choose a warning every 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. The warning will change the incoming order to a warning status (marked in yellow), and a danger status (must be cooked immediately marked in red).

  • Play sound notification on incoming orders: If the button next to it is activated there will be a sound that sounds when an order enters the kitchen display. If the feature is turned off, there will be no sound when an order enters the kitchen display.

  • Autolock Screen Mode: You can choose when your Kitchen Display screen will automatically turn off to save power.

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