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[Getting Started] Learn Advanced Features (Online)
[Getting Started] Learn Advanced Features (Online)

This article provides links to help you find articles that explain the online shop's features further.

Written by Leon Tan
Updated over a week ago

After you have made various basic arrangements to sell using the iSeller online store, you can also learn various additional features to maximize your online store capabilities. Please read the following articles below to learn about these features.

Additional Product Features

After you learn how to add products, you can also add product variants. For example dress size, you can add S, M, L or XL sizes to your product. Here is an example of selecting a variant in an online store.

To learn it, please read the Variant Settings article.

Collection Feature

To group your products into the same category, you can use the Collection feature. The following is a display of product grouped by collection (see menu on the left).

Please read the Introduction To Collection article to learn more. Additionally, you can use collections to make Flash Sale Settings.

Marketing Features

You can add a discount code that customers can use when checkout. In addition to discounts, you can also automatically discount prices according to the conditions you set (for example, when a customer buys a banji batik, they will automatically be eligible for a 50% discount).

Apart from that you will also need promotion as part of the Flash Sale Settings.

To find out how to add a discount code for your customers, please read Add Discount . To arrange promotions for your online store, please read Add Promotion.

Navigation and Page Menu Features

You can set any page that can be accessed on your online store using the navigation menu feature. Please read the Navigation Menu Settings for more details. In addition, you can add new pages as needed by using the Page Settings feature.

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