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Main Features (Add / Change Promotion)
Main Features (Add / Change Promotion)

Learn how to add promotions, type settings, conditions, and promotion policies.

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To change the promotion, enter the promotions page then please click on the name of the existing promotion to enter the promotion settings page.

To add a new promotion, click the Add Promotion button at the top right and you will be taken directly to the promotion settings page.

Promotion Settings

Promotion Title

In the section marked below, you can fill in the name you want for the promotion. Unlike discounts, promotion names are only used as a display to make it easier for you to see existing promotions. Promotions will be directly installed in your store according to the conditions that you create.

You can also specify the type of promotion. There are several types of promotions that have been provided such as:

  • Discount by Product Condition: Promotions that use a discount when buying a certain amount of product.

  • Discount by Order: Promotions that use a discount according to the amount of order value which had been ordered.

  • Buy A get B: Promotions where you get product B when you buy product A. Bonus products can be given at special prices or for free.

  • Discount by Shipping: Promotions that give special prices for shipping certain products.

Promotion Conditions

In the Conditions section, you can set how the Promotion is applied. To find out more about Promotion Conditions please visit the Promotion Conditions article.

Customer Settings

In this column, you can set which customers are eligible to use the promotion.

In this view we can see that customers with [Online] information are customers who register from an online store. This feature is useful so that you are not confused to distinguish between customers that you register from the web admin / post and customers who register from online stores.


This column allows you to set the policy available for the promotion.


If the feature is turned off, then the promotion is in an inactive state and cannot be used at checkout.


In this panel, you can adjust the visibility of the promotion. You can determine whether this promotion can be used on Online Stores and / or POS.

Date Range

You can set when the discount is valid. To find out more information please visit the Usage Limits and Date Range Page.

Display Promotions on Online Stores

In contrast to discounts, promotions on online stores will be directly attached to the product that you set. It can be seen that each product will have a percentage information that applies depending on the theme chosen.

Display Promotions on POS

In contrast to discounts, promotions on POS will be directly attached to the product that you set.

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