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[Getting Started] Shipping Setting (Online Store)
[Getting Started] Shipping Setting (Online Store)

This article explains about setting the origin shipping address and how to activate the courier that is integrated with iSeller.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

This shipping setting is specifically for you who do selling at online stores. The shipping settings below include how to set the shipping address, as well as how to activate integrated shipping services

Set the Origin Address

The first thing in shipping setting is to fill up the Shipping origin or the pickup address where the goods will be collect. One of the advantages of using a shipping service is you don't have to send the goods to the courier agent, simply activate the item retrieval feature when booking a shipment and the courier agent will come to your pickup address.

You can see the default address setting in the screenshot below.

Please fill in the Country, State/Province, City, Postal/Zip Code, Address for the pickup address. Optionally you can provide specific unit or suite number as well. Click the Change Pin Point Location to display the map with a red color pin icon that indicates the position of the pickup. This pin point location works for the Request pickup feature provided by JNE, DHL, and GO-SEND, so it is best to pin the point as accurately as possible.

At below you can also set Contact Details of person to be contacted for shipping. Please fill in the Full Name, Phone and Email.

You can also set your desired pick up time in the Pickup Settings at below. The settings will send the schedule automatically to the courier agent when the package is available. This setting is affected by settings on the Online Shop page in the Checkout Settings panel. If you want to call the courier agent manually, you can do it when fulfilling the item, read more in Fulfillment / Fulfillment (Online).

The time frame for courier pickup is between 12 pm to 3 pm. You can set a maximum of two pickup times, where the courier will arrive at the Shipping Origin address twice between 12 pm to 3 pm. If it's still unclear, please contact us via live chat.

Turn on Integrated Shipping Carriers

iSeller is working with various international and local courier agent. To edit the delivery settings, please activate the courier you want to use as shown in the image below.

Screenshot above shows that no integrated shipping carrier can be activated because the service can only be used if payment is made with iSeller Pay, read how to activate iSeller Pay for more information.

When you have activated iSeller Pay, a display setting will appear that you can setting further such as the shipping location, the service you want to use, and the additional costs.

When you activate the Integrated Shipping Carriers, you can set the Shipping Type you want to offer to your customers, each shipping courier has different services. Example JNE has REG, CTC, and YES shipping services.

Shipping costs can be added if you feel the need to avoid loss. We provide additional costs with a percentage of the original shipping costs and / or additional costs with a fixed amount. Example JNE REG at a cost of Rp. 9000, the cost adjustment is set to 10% and an additional Rp. 1000, the final cost that the customer will pay is Rp. 10,900.

After setting up the shipping courier for your online store, you can then configure the online store to design the appearance of your website, read the Online Store Configuration for more information.

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