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This article will explain the features and steps to perform product stock counting in the iSeller Stock Count application.

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The iSeller Stock Count application allows you to use your mobile camera to help you count physical inventory through barcode scanning anytime & anywhere easily, effectively and efficiently.

Before you can use this application, make sure you have activated the Stock Controls add-on in your store's web admin.

Some features found in the iSeller Stock Count application.

  • Scan barcodes on your product using your mobile camera

  • Stock count will be submitted to iSeller Cloud in real time

  • Specify a record or reason for inventory mismatch

  • Supports multiple count sessions, so you can manage and compare results easily

  • Support stock inventory group that is useful for entrepreneurs with a large number of business units

Please follow the steps below to make a stock match between the warehouse stock and the iSeller system stock with the iSeller Stock Count application.

Step 1

First, you have to create a stock inventory session for details of items you want to count, who does the counting, and which outlets or warehouses you want to count products for. Please click the plus button in the upper right corner.

Step 2

After you click the add button, a new page will appear as shown below.

On this page you can specify the date and time to create stock control, determine the name of the stock control, and select a team or group that wants to do product stock count.

After you have filled in all of the information above, please click the check button in the top right corner to save your stock inventory session.

Step 3

Then, please select the stock inventory session that you created earlier. Then you can add the product you want to do the counting by clicking the plus button on the top right corner or the Add Item button.

Products that you can add are only products that have activated the stock inventory feature in the product settings.

Step 4

Then a new page will appear as shown below.

You can add products that you want to calculate very easily just by scanning the barcode that is printed on your product by clicking the camera button.

Your mobile will automatically open the camera, and after that please scan the barcode listed on your product for stock count.

The SKU / Barcode and Product Name fields will be filled automatically according to the barcode that you have scanned and have set your inventory stock information on the product form on the iSeller web admin. So you only need to fill in the quantity of products from the warehouse that is counted in the Quantity column.

Step 5

After you save a quantity of products that you want to do a stock count, you still can change the quantity of product stock by selecting one of the product lists you want to change.

On this page you can change the counted quantity of product stock and add the quantity of wasted product stock in the column that we have provided as shown above.

Counted products are products that are worth selling and will add to the system stock, while wasted products are products that do not want the quantity added to the system stock.

Step 6

After that, you can approve product stock control on the iSeller web admin and the status of the in-stock inventory will be awaiting approval. The completed stock control cannot be changed the quantity of the stock again, so make sure the stock is in accordance with what you want before counting.

With this application, you can now let your staff do stock count in a much more efficient and productive way, all in one application. No more browsers or web applications are needed.

For more information about the Stock Controls add-on and business processes that we support, you can read about them in the Stock Controls article.

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