Introduction to Journal V2

In this article, you can learn about the introduction of Journal V2 for accounting transaction data and inventory stock integration.

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iSeller provides the Journal V2 add-on as an upgrade from the Journal V1 add-on. Journal V2 provides better recording efficiency than Journal V1, where each order entry will be entered into a Sales Invoice so that adjustments to account names (Chart of Accounts) and inventory stock will be automatically deducted when the product is sold.

This is useful to facilitate your store's financial transactions more practically and accurately. In addition, you can integrate with the Journal V2 add-on for various transactions that occur on iSeller so that they can be managed accountingly.

By activating the Journal V2 add-on, you will get some of the benefits and integration features of this add-on.

Some of the benefits obtained from the integration between iSeller and Journal V2:

  • Review Profits on Sales Live: Cost of goods sold reports posted directly to the Journal can be reviewed instantly when products are sold.

  • Bank Reconciliation Made Easy: Journal uses daily sales totals from iSeller to track payments that go into your account.

  • Automatic Synchronization of Daily Sales: Daily sales, accounts payable and receivable, total payments, inventory orders, refunds and customer information can be synchronized automatically to the Journal.

  • Manage Cash Safely: You can easily see the discrepancy between the money deposited in the Bank and the total daily cash sent to the Journal starting from cash payments, petty cash withdrawals, and exchange rate movements.

Some of the main features of the integration between iSeller with Journal V2:

  • Automatically Import Products: You can import products with SKU numbers that have not been registered in the Journal. Product stock will also be synchronized automatically.

  • Product Synchronization: You can compare the stock of products listed on iSeller with those listed in the Journal by synchronizing products.

  • Order Sync: You can sync orders that occur in iSeller to Journal by using various order sync options.

  • Transfer In and Transfer Out: The journal will make stock adjustments to any changes in inventory that occur. Changes in inventory stock from the transfer of goods from outlets to outlets (transfer out) occur automatically, while the transfer of goods from suppliers (transfer in) needs to be done manually.

To be able to start the integration with Journal V2, you need to first install the Journal V2 add-on by selecting Apps > Browse > Install Journal V2 Add-On as shown below.


Once you've installed the Journal V2 add-on on iSeller, here are a few things you can and need to do to start integrating with Journal V2.

Connect iSeller with Journal V2

After having the Journal V2 add-on, you need to carry out the iSeller activation process with Journal V2, register an account at Journal V2, and create an online database in Journal V2 which will later be linked to iSeller. For more details, you can see the article Connect iSeller with Journal V2.

Mapping Outlets in iSeller to Journal V2

After the activation process is successful, then you need to map the outlets that you have on iSeller to be integrated with Journal V2. For more details, you can see the article Mapping Outlets on iSeller to Journal V2.

Product Mapping between iSeller and Journal V2

When the outlet integration has been set up, then next you need to import products between iSeller and Journal V2.

Syncing and Checking Data From iSeller to Journal V2

You need to synchronize sales, customer, and inventory transaction data with a certain manual or hourly selection on the synchronization panel. In addition, all activities that you do on iSeller with Journal V2 will be recorded in detail and thoroughly. The information you can see is order synchronization, transfer synchronization between outlets, stock adjustments, and other transactions that are successful and failed to synchronize.

For more details regarding synchronization and checking of integration activity data between iSeller and Journal V2, you can see the article Synchronizing and Checking Data from iSeller to Journal V2.

Business Process between iSeller and Journal V2

Business processes that can be carried out from iSeller to Journal V2 include: sales transactions, transfer of goods from outlet to outlet, stock taking, and others. All business processes will also be recorded in an accounting report in Journal V2. For more details, you can see the article Business Process Between iSeller and Journal V2.

The introduction, benefits, features, and overview regarding Journal V2 have been completed. Please follow the overview above to be able to start integrating with Journal V2.

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