Connect iSeller with Journal V2

In this article, you will learn how to connect an iSeller with a V2 Journal account

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After you have installed the Journal V2 add-on on iSeller, you need to connect iSeller with a Journal V2 account to start the integration process.

Please follow the steps below to link your Journal account with iSeller.

Step 1: Select Menu Apps > Journal V2.

Step 2: Select Connect button to connect iSeller with Journal.

Step 3: You will be automatically redirected to the approval page of the Journal as shown below.

Select the Journal Database you have to connect with iSeller > Press Allow.

NOTE: If you do not have a Journal Database, please create your Journal account first through the articles here.

Step 4: Here is the display when your Journal database has been successfully connected to iSeller

Connecting the integration between iSeller and Journal V2 is complete. Next, you need to map the outlets in iSeller to Journal V2.

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