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Business Process Between iSeller and Journal V2
Business Process Between iSeller and Journal V2

In this article, you will learn about the various business processes between iSeller and Journal V2.

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When you have carried out the integration process between iSeller and Journal V2, you can carry out various business processes that can be done either through iSeller or Journal V2.

Before starting the business process, you need to activate the Live Mode button on the Integration Settings panel to turn blue as shown below.

This button serves to record all transfer and sales activities between the iSeller and the Journal. Once it's enabled, you can't disable it, so you need to make sure supplies and product stocks are mapped out properly.

Here are some business processes that can be carried out below:

  1. Transfer of Goods Between Outlets (Transfer Out): When you want to transfer goods from outlets to outlets or warehouses (Transfer Out), you need to make the transfer process via iSeller which is then synchronized with Journal V2.

  2. Sales: When an order is placed by a customer, the order is processed through iSeller. Then, synchronization with Journal V2 can be done automatically with the available sync mode options.

  3. Payout Report : You can access incoming deposits to iSeller in Journal V2.

  4. Financial Reports: You can access various financial reports in accounting from the results of various business processes that occur through Journal V2.

Transfer of Goods Between Outlets

Step 1: Transfer out between outlets to outlets at iSeller by following the steps in the article Transfer Out Between Outlets.

The picture above shows that the outlet at the Main Outlet will transfer 5 items to the Kelapa Gading Branch.

Step 2: After the transfer of the goods has been successfully recorded in the iSeller Accounting Sync and the synchronization status is Success, the stock of the transfer of goods will be recorded in the iSeller in Transit balance in the Journal as shown below.

Meanwhile, if the transfer of goods between outlets is successfully accepted and the synchronization status is Success.

So in the Journal, the balance of the iSeller in Transit will be lost or reduced, while the Kelapa Gading Branch will increase its inventory stock, and the Main Outlet's stock will decrease.


Sales synchronization aims to link sales orders or transactions in iSeller with the Journal. When an order is placed by a customer, the sales process is carried out through iSeller. The synchronization of the sales transaction data will be recorded in the Journal according to the Sync mode you used previously. Please re-read the article Synchronizing and Checking Data From iSeller to Journal V2.

When it is synchronized with the Journal. Please go to the Journal database, select the Sales menu.

If the customer has made payment for his order, then the status is Paid. However, if the customer has not made a payment, then the status is Open in the Journal.

Untuk melihat detail rincian penjualan, Anda dapat pilih salah satu faktur penjualan dan akan muncul tampilan seperti gambar berikut. To view detailed sales details, you can select one of the sales invoices and a display like the following image will appear.

The picture above is a sales invoice that has been paid in full.

The picture above is a sales invoice that has not been paid in full.

If the registered customer has made a payment at a later date, the status on the sales invoice will change to Paid.

Payout Report

When a deposit is completed from iSeller, the deposit will also be recorded in the Journal.

To view the recording of the deposit, you can see it on the Cash & Bank menu in the Journal.

Financial statements

The business processes that you do on iSeller will also be recorded in the Journal's financial statements. The following is an example of a financial report for a Sepokat company that you can access.

The picture above is the Profit and Loss Statement of the company Sepokat in November.

The Business Process between iSeller and Journal V2 has been completed.

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