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Introduction to Accurate Integration
Introduction to Accurate Integration

In this article, you will learn Accurate's introduction to accounting transaction data and inventory stock integration.

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iSeller provides an add-on for the integration of transaction data, customer data, and inventory stock from all business modules (sales, transfer, adjustment, and stock taking) with Accurate cloud accounting software that is recorded in accounting for more organized bookkeeping.

By activating the Accurate add-on, you will get the following benefits:

  • Manage Your Sales and Business Finance Simultaneously: All data from product lists, inventory to transactions, will be automatically synchronized with Accurate's bookkeeping system. No more need to equalize data manually.

  • User Friendly: Very easy to use, with a user experience specifically designed to simplify the process of data synchronization and import-export.

  • Synchronized Product and Transaction Data: All data from product lists, inventories to transactions that occur, will be automatically synchronized with Accurate's bookkeeping system so you no longer need to manually equalize data.

  • Get the Most Complete Profit and Loss Report: Easily monitor your business profits in real time. Automatically calculate daily posted revenue as well as your company's operating costs to get an accurate profit and loss report.

  • Automatic Transaction Checking:. No need to manually check transactions entered into your account. The bank reconciliation process is fully automated and easy.

  • Reduce the Risk of Errors: With a fully automated system, you can reduce errors caused by employee negligence in managing data.

Meanwhile, here are the main features of the integration between iSeller and Accurate:

  • Outlet Mapping: You can choose which outlets you want to integrate with Accurate.

  • Product Validation: Products that can be imported at Accurate are only products that have an SKU number in iSeller and make sure they don't have the same SKU. You can see information on the number of products that do not have a SKU and products that have the same SKU on the iSeller page.

  • Automatic Transfer Synchronization: When there is a change in product inventory stock due to movement from outlet to outlet, all can be connected to Accurate. You can choose the option of synchronizing transfers automatically according to a predetermined schedule or synchronizing automatically based on register close shifts or when ending shifts.

  • Order Sync: When an order occurs in your store, you can synchronize sales at shift register closing, at specified hours, and in real time.

  • Posting Sales per Shift: At each closing of the register shift, iSeller will post transaction data per shift to Accurate complete from Sales Invoice, Sales Return, to Sales Receipt.

  • Posting Customer Receivable Transactions: Integration of iSeller with Accurate also includes posting of accounts receivable transactions and customer data, even to shift data when customers make debt and settlement transactions.

  • Automated iSeller Pay and MDR Posting: This add-on provides the flexibility to specify an MDR fee account and bank adjustment account at the time of payout. In addition, MDR fees from iSeller Pay are also automatically calculated, so you no longer need to calculate MDR costs manually.

To be able to start integration with Accurate, you need to first install the Accurate add-on by selecting Apps > Browse > Install Accurate Add-On as shown below.


Once you've installed the Accurate add-on on iSeller, here are a few things you can and need to do to start integrating with Accurate.

Accurate Integration

Once you have the Accurate add-on, you need to perform the iSeller activation process with Accurate, register an account with Accurate, and create an online database at Accurate. For more details, you can see the article Accurate Integration.

Mapping iSeller Outlets to Accurate

After the activation process is successful, then you need to map the outlets that you have to be integrated with Accurate. For more details, you can see the article Mapping iSeller Outlets to Accurate.

Product Mapping from iSeller to Accurate

When the outlet integration has been set up, then you need to import the products in iSeller to Accurate by selecting the Product Validation button.

There are two different provisions when importing standard and composite products. For more details, you can see the article Mapping Products from iSeller to Accurate.

Data Synchronization and Checking

You need to synchronize transaction, customer and inventory data with real time or specific hour options on the sync panel.

In addition, all activities that you do on iSeller with Accurate will be recorded in detail and thoroughly. The information you can see is order synchronization, transfer synchronization between outlets, stock adjustments, stock taking, and successful and failed deposits.

For more details, you can see the article Data Synchronization and Checking.

Business Process between iSeller and Accurate

There are several provisions in the business process between iSeller and Accurate. For business processes such as purchasing, returns, and receiving orders from suppliers, it is done first through Accurate. Meanwhile, for business processes such as transfer of outlets to outlets and sales are carried out first through iSeller. All business processes are also recorded in an accounting report at Accurate. For more details, you can see the article Business Process between iSeller and Accurate.

The introduction, benefits and features, and overview of Accurate is complete.

To understand better The Integration between iSeller and Accurate. You can watch the following video.


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