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Business Process Between iSeller and Accurate
Business Process Between iSeller and Accurate

In this article, you will learn about the various business processes between iSeller and Accurate.

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As is known, when you have carried out the integration process between iSeller and Accurate, you can carry out various business processes that can be carried out either through iSeller or Accurate.

Here is the explaination :

  1. Purchases / Returns of Purchases of Goods from Suppliers are made through Accurate.

  2. Receipt of Purchase of Goods from Supplier is done through Accurate.

  3. Transfer of Goods from Outlet to Outlet / Warehouse is done through iSeller.

  4. Stock taking is done through iSeller.

  5. Sales are made through iSeller.

Purchase of Goods From Supplier

When you make a purchase of goods from a supplier for inventory, you need to carry out the purchase process until the receipt of goods from the supplier which is processed through Accurate.

The following is an example of goods that have been received from the purchasing process from suppliers.

The picture above shows the receipt of goods from suppliers for the purchase of 5 Converse products and 10 Vans products.

When the goods have been received by you, then of course the inventory will increase. In Accurate, please go to the Inventory menu > Warehouse sub menu. Here is a picture before the stock increases.

Here is a picture after the inventory increases.

Meanwhile, in iSeller, inventory will increase in real time as Transfer In. You can see it in the Catalog menu > Transfers sub menu.

Return of Purchase of Goods from Supplier

When you purchase an item from a supplier, but after receiving the item you want to make a purchase return because the item is damaged or other conditions, you can make a purchase return via Accurate which will be synchronized in real time on iSeller.

After you make a purchase return on the Purchase menu > Purchase Return sub menu in Accurate as shown below.

The picture above shows that 5 Converse products will be returned. The Purchase Return will be recorded in real time on the iSeller as a Transfer Out. You can see it in the Catalog menu > Transfers sub menu.

Transfer of Goods from Outlet to Outlet

When you want to transfer goods from an outlet to an outlet or warehouse (Transfer Out), you need to make the transfer process through iSeller. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Transfer out between outlets to outlets at iSeller by following the steps in the article Transfer Out Between Outlets.

The picture above shows that the outlet in Kelapa Gading Branch will transfer 5 items to the Main Outlet.

Step 2: After the transfer of the goods has been successfully recorded in the iSeller Accounting Sync and the synchronization status is Success, the stock of the transfer of goods will be recorded in the Transit (AOL System) balance in Accurate as shown below.

Meanwhile, if the transfer of goods between outlets is successfully accepted and the synchronization status is Success.

So at Accurate, the Transit (AOL System) balance will be lost, while the Kelapa Gading Branch will have a reduced stock, and the Main Outlet will have an increase in stock.


Sales synchronization aims to link existing sales orders or transactions on iSeller with Accurate. When an order is placed by a customer, the sales process is carried out through iSeller. The synchronization of sales transaction data will be recorded in Accurate according to the Sync mode you used previously. Please re-read the Synchronization article.

When it is synchronized with Accurate. Please go to the Accurate database, select the Sales menu > Sales Invoice sub menu.

If the customer has made payment for his order, then the status is Paid. However, if the customer has not made a payment, then the status has not been paid in Accurate.

To view detailed sales details, you can select one of the sales invoices and a display like the following image will appear.

You can also see a list of customers that you owe or have not paid for orders by selecting the Sales menu > Customers sub menu.

If the registered customer has made a payment at a later date, the status on the sales invoice will change to Paid and the customer's debt balance will be reduced as shown below.

Payout Integration

When a deposit is completed from iSeller, the deposit will also be recorded in Accurate.

To view the recording of the deposit, you can see it on the Cash & Bank menu > Bank Transfer sub-menu as shown below.

If you activate iSeller Payout Express in your store, an additional admin fee will be charged and will be entered into the account account on Accurate by default with the name iSeller Payout Load as shown below.

The Business Process between iSeller and Accurate has been completed.

To understand better The Business Process between iSeller and Accurate, you can watch the following video.

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