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Introduction to Voucher Rules
Introduction to Voucher Rules

Read the following article to find out the features of the Voucher Rules sub-menu.

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After the add-on installation, you can enjoy various Marketing Features Pack benefits in the Voucher Rules sub-menu. Voucher rules are used to generate promotional codes and automatically send them to your customers. The Voucher Rules features are useful for those of you who want to approach new strategies to maintain customer loyalty.

On this page you can add, search, and filter rules. You can also see the name of the rule, the date of the code generation and much more.

Title of Voucher Rules Page

On the Title of Voucher Rules Page, you can Add Voucher Rule to add a new rule to your list of rules. The rules here refer to rules for automatically generating promotional codes and send them to your customers.

Main Section of Voucher Rules Page

The main section of the Voucher Rules page allows you to view a list of all your rules, search for specific rules, as well as filter the list of rules you want to search.

In the table title, you can see descriptions such as: Details, Trigger, Eligibility, and Active . You can click on the title of this table to sort items alphabetically / numerically in ascending or descending manner.

Here's a simple explanation:

  • Details: The name of the rules you have

  • Trigger: A trigger that will send a promotional code automatically

  • Eligibility: Customer groups who can get promotional codes ****

  • Active: The status of the rule. If disabled, then these rules will not be implemented by the iSeller system.

Searching Rules

To find a specific rule, write the name of the rule you want to find in the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort out the list of rules that have that name.

Filter Rules

By default, iSeller provides three types of rules filtering namely, Active, Inactive, and All Voucher Rules.

If you want to filter your list of rules, please click on the funnel logo on the top left corner. You will find various types of rule filters that we have provided.

There are a total of 3 filtering types you can apply to your rule list:

  • Name: Method of filtering the rule list based on the name of the rule.

  • Trigger: Rule list filtering method based on promo code generator triggers

  • Active: Method of filtering the list of rules based on the status of the rule, whether Active or Inactive.

After you select the filtering method, you will find the filtering form as follows:

After selecting the column to filter (we select Name for example), fill in the operator and value fields with an explanation as follows:

  • Operator: The way the rule is filtered, in this example the operator selected is Is.

  • Value: The value of the product that you want to filter, in this example The value selected is It's Your Special Day!

After everything is set, click Add Filter then the results of the Filtering Rules will be as follows:

Save Rule Filtering Results

The results of the filters you have performed can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results. See the image below.

You just need to enter the Name of the Rule Filter Result and press the Save button.

You can access each of your rule filter results by clicking the More menu to the right of the My Filter button.

In this article, you have learned the main features of the Voucher Rules sub-menu. Next, learn how to make birthday vouchers in the article Creating Birthday Vouchers.

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