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Creating Birthday Vouchers
Creating Birthday Vouchers

Learn how to make birthday vouchers with the Marketing Features Pack for Online Store add-on.

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Once you have learned about the Voucher Rules sub-menu on the Marketing menu, now is the time for you to learn how to make birthday vouchers with the Marketing Features Pack. In this article, you will learn about how to create a birthday voucher code that is automatically generated. Follow the steps below to find out how.

Step 1: On your iSeller web admin, click the Marketing menu > Voucher Rules.

Step 2: On the new page that opens, click Add Voucher Rule.

Step 3: Enter the name of the birthday voucher in the Rule Title column. Then, select Customer's Birthday in the Rule Trigger column.

Step 4: Determine which customers are eligible for birthday vouchers in the Customer Settings column.

In this display, we can see that customers with [Online] information are customers who register from Online Store. This feature is useful so that you don't get confused about the customers who register from the web admin / POS and customers who register from online stores.

Step 5: Set the condition of your birthday voucher in the Discount Code Settings column.

Choose one of several types of discount code such as:

By %

Cut the price by a percentage. You can also set the maximum amount of discount given when cutting by percentage.

By Amount

Direct cut prices by nominal amounts.

In the image below we can see that the discount applied is a nominal amount of IDR 100,000.

Step 6: Decide to what type of transaction the voucher can be applied. Choose from several options:

All Orders

This voucher can be used for all orders.

Order More

The voucher can only be used for orders that exceed a certain total order amount.


This voucher can only be used for products in the Collection that you choose.


This voucher can only be used for 1 product that you have selected.

Product Variants

The voucher can only be used for 1 product variant that you have selected.

Step 7: Determine the validity period of the birthday voucher in the Validity column.

You can also decide which payment methods must be used to redeem the voucher. Select payment in the Payment Method column. If you want the birthday voucher to be valid for all forms of payment, you can leave this column blank.

Step 8: Generate a unique discount code for your customer's birthday in the Discount Code Generator column.

Generator Discount Code contains Prefix and Suffix configurations. When filling in the Initial and Final Additions, you can choose between using the customer's full name, customer's first name, and free text.

The generated discount code will have the format [prefix] - [guid] - [suffix]. For example, let's fill in the prefix with the customer's first name and the suffix with free text. You can see Sample code that will be generated under the Suffix column.

The sample code generated will vary depending on the Suffix and Prefix you fill in, therefore you can use this example as your guide in making voucher codes.

Step 10: Click Save to start your marketing campaign with a birthday voucher!

Result: The voucher code will be sent to your customer's email on his / her birthday at 12 AM.Here is what the email looks like.

Later, customers can exchange this voucher code like exchanging a discount code. Don't forget, this code can only be exchanged at your physical store or your Online Store.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the birthday voucher feature into your marketing strategy!

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