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Marketing Features Pack for Online Store
Marketing Features Pack for Online Store

Arrange an effective marketing strategy with various Marketing Features Pack features.

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Marketing strategy is analogous to a map of success. If a business wants to succeed, marketing must occupy a strategic position and be accompanied by precise tactics. Without a good strategy, it will be very difficult to get maximum profits even though the products have high quality. Moreover, the risk of loss in the market competition will increase.

With a passion to grow successful businessmen, iSeller never stops creating and innovating its existing marketing features. In harmony with this spirit, iSeller is back with another new feature to assist your marketing strategy, namely the Marketing Features Pack for Online Store.

Install this add-on to support your marketing strategy. For example, you can use the birthday coupon feature as one of your marketing plans. When it's your customer's birthday, you can send an automated email containing a promotional code for certain products. You can also modify this code as you wish. Later, customers can exchange this voucher at your offline store or at your online shop.

To install this add-on, go to the Apps> Browse menu as shown below.

If this add-on has been installed, the Voucher Rules sub-menu will appear below the Marketing menu.

In this sub-menu, you can create various marketing rules to create automatic promotion codes for your customers. You can learn more about the Voucher Rules sub-menu in the article Introduction to Voucher Rules.

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