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Grouping and Creating Voucher Codes
Grouping and Creating Voucher Codes

Learn how to create a voucher code and group it.

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Previously, you have learned about the benefits and introduction of the Voucher add-on. In this article, we will learn about how to create and group your voucher codes. Follow the instructions below to learn how.

Creating and Grouping Vouchers

Step 1: Click the Marketing menu > Vouchers.

Step 2: Click Add Voucher Payment in the top right corner to create a voucher.

Step 3: Upload the Voucher Logo, then enter the Name and Description. Turn on the Is Required Customer button if you want this voucher to be used by your customers only and deactivate the button if you want this voucher to be used by everyone. Once you have filled in the required data, click Save.

Step 4: You can create a voucher group by clicking Add Voucher Group as shown below. On this page, you can also change the voucher group that you previously added by clicking the pencil logo or delete it by clicking the trash logo in the Actions column.

On this page, you can view voucher group information such as:

  • Name: The name of the voucher group that you created

  • Valid: The validity period of the voucher group

  • Outlets: At which outlet the voucher is valid

  • Days & Time: At which time and date the voucher is valid

Step 5: Fill in your voucher data in the section marked in the following image.

  • Name: Provide a name for your voucher group.

  • Purchase Price: The buying price for all of your vouchers.

  • Net Price: The selling price for all of your vouchers.

Step 6: Determine the voucher value in the Condition column . You can set the type of voucher by choosing one of the two options, namely By Amount and Free product.

If you choose type By Amount, you can enter the nominal amount that each voucher has.

If you choose Free Product type, you can choose what type of product you want to give for free. There are 3 types of products that you can choose from, namely Collections, Products, and Product Variants.

Step 7: Set whether the voucher can be used with the promotion or replace it. You can do it via the Voucher overwrite promotion button. Deactivate it so that customers can enjoy the promotions together with the vouchers they have. Activate it to make voucher overwrites promotion.

Step 8: Set Status and Visibility. In the Visibility column, you can set which channels this voucher applies to.

Step 9: Determine the expiration date and when the voucher will be valid. On this panel, you will set the information when the voucher can be used, starting from the voucher validity period.

If you activate the No Expiry option, then the voucher you create will be valid forever until the voucher is removed or has an Inactive status.

If the No Expiry option is turned off, then you can determine when the voucher validity will end.

You can also specify a voucher that is valid periodically on certain days by selecting the day you want in the Valid at section.

You can determine when the voucher is valid. Select Add More Time and you will find the time setting when the voucher is valid on the selected day.

Step 10: When you are finished with the voucher settings that you have set, click Save.

Step 11: After you click Save, a new panel will appear as shown below for you. Enter your voucher code in the Payment Code column, then click Add.

Aside from adding payment codes one by one, you can also import a list of payment codes that you already have in the form of CSV Files by clicking the Import button . The files you import must meet a format supported by iSeller. You can download a sample CSV template for payment code import guide.

The code you entered will have a Status column . The status of the pay code that you have added will comprise of:

  • Available: Vouchers can still be used until the expiration date.

  • Used : Vouchers have been used up and can not be used anymore. Vouchers that have been used will have a description consisting a date of use along with the order number.

Congratulations! You have finished creating the voucher group along with the voucher codes! Next, you can read Make a Voucher Payment (Online) article to use a voucher as a payment method in your online shop and Make a Voucher Payment (SSK) article to use a voucher on your Self-Service Kiosk.

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