Introduction to Productions

Learn the features of Production to add, search, or filter productions.

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Once the raw materials are ready, you can start the manufacturing process on the Production sub-menu. On this page you can add, search, and filter productions. You can also see the production number, production date, at which outlet your product was made, and much more.

Production Page Title

On the Title of the Production Page, you can find the Add Production button to add a new manufacturing process to your production list.

Main Section of Production Page

The main section of the production page allows you to view a list of all your productions, search for a specific product, as well as filter the list of productions you want to search for.

In the table title, you can see categories such as Production, Production Date, Outlet, Notes, Total Production, Total Cost, and Status. You can click these categories to sort items alphabetically / numerically and ascending or descending.

Here's a simple explanation:

  • Production: The number of products you have. You can see the chat bubble next to the production number if the production has a discussion in it.

  • Production Date: The date of production

  • Outlet: Outlet where production is stored.

  • Notes: Notes from the production

  • Total Production: The total number of goods produced. You can hover to the letter i for information on the number of items.

  • Total Cost: The total cost of the production

  • Status: The status of the production, either it's Completed or Pending

Production Search

To find a specific product, please write the number of the production you want to find in the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort out the list of products.

Filter Production

By default, iSeller provides three types of initial product filter namely Open, Finish, and All Production.

If you want to filter your production list, please click on the funnel logo located at the top left of the main section of the product page, then you will find the various types of production filters we have provided.

There are a total of 4 types of filtering you can apply to your production list:

  • Status: The method of filtering the production list based on the status of the production, whether Pending or Completed.

  • Tags: A method of filtering a production list based on the words associated with the product.

  • Created Date: Method of filtering production lists based on the date when they were created

  • Outlet: A method of filtering production lists based on the location of the outlet where the product is stored

After you select the filtering method, you will find the filtering form as follows:

After selecting the column to filter (in this example, the Created Date), please fill in the operator and value fields with an explanation as follows:

  • Operator: The way in which the production will be filtered, in this example the operator selected is Is.

  • Value: The value of the production that you want to filter, in this example The value selected is 12/24/2020.

After everything is settled, please click Add Filter, then the results of the Production Screening will be as follows:

Saving Product Screening Results

The results of the filters can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results. Please see the image below.

You just need to enter the Name of the Production Filter Result and press the Save button, your filter results will be saved.

You can access each of your product filters by clicking the More menu to the right of the My Filter button.

In this article, you have learned about the basic functions and outline of the Production sub-menu in iSeller. Next, you can learn more about the Manufacturing of Raw Materials and Semi-finished Products and Manufacturing Processes supported by iSeller.

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