Manufacturing Process

Learn how to process raw materials and semi-finished products in the Productions menu.

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iSeller enables you to make finished goods from raw materials. This item will have the SKU, inventory, and other features that standard product has. Because it has features like standard product, it can obviously be used as materials for other advanced products.

Starting the Manufacturing Process

Once you have created the semi-finished product of pull tea, now is the time for us to go to the Productions sub-menu to start the manufacturing process. This sub-menu will appear after you install the Advanced Inventory Management add-on . You can find this sub-menu under the Catalog menu. Next, follow these steps to find out how to start the manufacturing process.

Step 1 : To start the manufacturing process, click Add Production as shown below.

Step 2: Input pull tea in the Find Products column.

Step 3: Next, you can enter the amount of tea you want to produce in the Quantity column.

Step 4: Then, you can disable the Start production automatically button if you want to save the semi-finished products that you have entered now to be edited later. Keep the buttons on if you want to start the production right away.

Step 5: In the Details column, you can specify the outlet where your manufactured goods will be stored. Raw materials will also be taken from the outlet that you have selected.

Step 6: To complete the production process directly, click Save when the Start production automatically button is enabled.

Step 7: A confirmation pop-up will appear to warn you that the production process cannot be edited once it's started. Click Proceed to continue.

Result : After you confirm the production process, a Completed status will appear next to the production number. You can use this number to perform a production history search.

Then you can also check in the Inventory sub-menu that your stock of semi-finished product has increased and the raw materials have decreased.

Other Features That Can Help The Production Process

Edit Semi-finished Product

Next to Cost there is a pencil button you can use to edit semi-finished products and a trash logo to delete the product.

Viewing Raw Materials

You can also see the raw materials used in the production process by hovering over the exclamation mark next to the semi-finished product name as shown below.

Duplicate and Print

In the top right corner, a Duplicate button will appear to make it easier for you to do the same production process. You can also print proof of the production process by clicking the three-dot logo in the upper right corner, then click Print.

Timeline and Message

The Timeline and Comment features will appear for internal discussion after you save the production.

Production Draft

If the previous Automatically start production button is inactive and you saved it, the Pending status will appear next to the production number. You can click the Start Production button to start the production process as shown below.

Congratulations! You have completed all stages of the manufacturing process with the iSeller platform.

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