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Creating Raw Materials and Semi-finished Products
Creating Raw Materials and Semi-finished Products

Learn how to prepare raw materials and semi-finished products before initiating the manufacturing process.

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In the previous article, you've familiarized yourself with Advanced Inventory Management add-on, one of its features is the manufacturing process. In this article, we will discuss what preparations you must make before starting the process, i.e. making raw materials and semi-finished products. As an example, we will produce pull tea made from tea leaves and milk. Follow the instructions below to learn how to create raw materials and semi-finished products.

Step 1: When you create these ingredients, make sure the units are in the smallest units (eg. millimeters for milk, grams for tea leaves).

Step 2: Next, you also have to set the Buying Price according to the unit. For example, input 1000 ml of milk, then input the Buying Price for 1 ml of milk.

Step 3: After preparing the raw materials, iSeller requires a semi-finished product containing the combination of ingredients needed to make pull tea. To create these products, you can go to Catalog and then click the Products sub-menu. Next, Add Product then input basic product information.

Step 4: Navigate to the Inventory section, then select the Composite product type. Next, enable This product can be manufactured button. We recommend you to empty the Quantity first because the tea has not been produced.

Step 5: Please enter the desired raw materials in the Include Products section by clicking the down arrow button on the Select Product section, then click Add to enter the raw materials. Repeat until all ingredients are added. Don't forget to determine how much raw material will be used. Remember, the amount of raw materials used acts in accordance with the units you have previously determined (grams, ml, etc.).

Step 6: Once you have finished adding the raw materials, click Save.

After you have completed these steps, then you are ready to start the manufacturing process in the Manufacturing Process article.

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