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Advanced Inventory Management
Advanced Inventory Management

Learn the Advanced Inventory Management Add-On to manage the manufacturing process among other advanced inventory features.

Written by Cheah
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Managing inventory is closely related to company profit. Careless inventory management can lead to oversupply or undersupply. Therefore, iSeller presents a new add-on called Advanced Inventory Management.

With the Advanced Inventory Management add-on, you can do a lot of innovative inventory management, such as manufacturing processes. With this manufacturing process, you can produce semi-finished goods, inspect and change raw materials, and of course carry out orderly inventory management.

To install this add-on, you can click Apps > Browse menu as shown below.

If you have installed this add-on, you can learn more about the manufacturing process such as creating raw materials and semi-finished products in the article Creating Raw Materials and Semi-finished Products and processing manufacture in the Manufacturing Process article.

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