Price Book

Learn the Add-On Price Book to dynamically manage product prices in the web admin and use them in POS.

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This add-on makes it easy for you to set the base price for your product automatically. This additional feature is used in certain conditions according to the needs of your store, for example you can bulk adjust product prices based on certain categories, outlets, or types of order - without having to change the base price of products one by one. At the time of the transaction at the cashier, product prices will be applied dynamically based on the conditions specified in the Price Book.

If this add-on has been installed and your business type is F&B or Express, then there will be a new feature to add the type of order you want to adjust the base product price according to the needs of your store in the Apps menu follow by the Price Book sub-menu.

After you have successfully added the required order type to your store, please visit the article Introduction to Price Book and Main Features (Add/Change Price Book) regarding adding a Price Book and its settings.

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