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Main Features (Add/Change Price Book)
Main Features (Add/Change Price Book)

Learn how to add a Price Book, setting type, conditions, and Price Book policies.

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To change the Price Book, enter the Price Books page then please click on the name of an existing Price Book to enter the Price Book settings page.

To add a new Price Book, click the Add Price Book button at the top right and you will be taken directly to the Price Book settings page.

Price Books Settings

In the discount settings, you can fill in the Price Book Title, Price adjustment settings, Customer Settings, Main Number, Status, Visibility, and Time Range.

Price Book Title

The Price Book title can be used at checkout at the POS and / or the Online Store in accordance with the visibility settings in the Show panel.

Price Book Type
In the Price Book Type section, you can apply the type you want to apply. Price Book types are divided into 3 types namely:

  • Adjust price of multiple products in a specific collection or category

  • Adjust price of each product individually with wholesale options

  • Adjust prices according to the type of order and other conditions (only applies to F&B or Express business types)

Price Adjustment Settings
In the Price Adjustment Settings section, you can apply prices to product sets, collections, or order types. To find out more about the Price Book Price Adjustment Settings please visit the Price Adjustment Settings page.

In the Price Book section, you can set how the Price Book is applied and you can also regulate which customers are entitled to use the Price Book. To find out more about Price Book Conditions please visit the Price Book Conditions page.

Priority Settings

In this setting, lower numbers denotes higher priority. Higher priority will be applied first to Products / Categories / Collections according to the conditions you choose.


If the feature is turned off, then the Price Book is in an inactive state and cannot be used at checkout.


In this panel, you can adjust the visibility of the Price Book. You can determine whether this Price Book can be used at All Outlets or at certain outlets.

Date Range

You can set when the discount is valid. To find out more information please visit the Date Range page (Price Book).

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