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Introduction to Price Book
Introduction to Price Book

Learn about the introduction of Price Book- adding a new Price Book, searching for Price Books, and filtering Price Books.

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Price Book is one of the marketing features where you can set the price of a product automatically based on the type and conditions that have been determined, for example outlets, customers, number of orders or certain types of orders. With this feature, managing product prices in bulk is easy, fast, flexible, and you can do it at any time.

On the iSeller system, you can access the Price Book feature by clicking on the Marketing menu then clicking on the Price Books from sub-menu. Then the next display that you will see is as follows.

Main Part of Price Book

On the main page, you will see a list of Price Books that you have created. Here is how it looks:

In the Price Book List, we can see several columns such as:

  • Details: Name and condition information about the Price Book that you have created.

  • Start Date: When the Price Book starts or can be used.

  • End Date: When the Price Book ends and cannot be used.

  • Active Button: If deactivated, the Price Book cannot be used on your POS and Online Stores.

Looking for Price Book

To find a specific Price Book, please write the name of the Price Book that you want to search in the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort the Price Book list that has that name.

Filter Price Book

If you want to filter your Price Book list, please click on the funnel icon at the top left of the Price Book main page, then you will find the type of Price Book filtering that we have provided.

You can filter Price Books according to whether or not the Price Book is active. After you choose the filtering method, you will find the filtering form as follows:

After selecting the column to filter (in this example is Active), please fill in the operator and value fields with an explanation as follows:

  • Operator: The way how Price Book will be filtered, in this example the operator selected is Is ("Equal to").

  • Value: The value of the active status that you want to filter, in this example the value chosen is True.

After everything is entered, please click Add Filter then the results of the Price Book filtering will be as follows.

Saving Price Book Filter Results

The results of the filtering that you have done can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results.

You simply enter the name of the filtering results. Price Book and press the Save button then the results of your Price Book filtering will be saved.

You can access each of your Price Book filtering results by clicking on the Three Point icon located at the top right of the main Price Book.

Add a New Price Book

To add a new Price Book, just click the Add Price Book button at the top right as shown below.

To find out more about adding a Price Book please read the Main Feature (Add/Change Price Book) article.

Additional Features - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this module, when you check the available data, additional features will appear that can help you process data faster.

When you have done the checklist, additional functions will appear at the top.

  • Activate: This feature will activate all Price Book lists that you have checked. If the Price Book is active, then the Price Book in question can be used at the time of POS checkout or an online store with a predetermined time period,

  • Deactivate: This feature will deactivate all Price Book lists that you have checked. If the Price Book is inactive, the Price Book in question cannot be used at the checkout of the POS or online shop,

  • Delete: This feature will delete all Price Book lists that you have checked. Data Price Book that has been deleted cannot be restored anymore, if you want to temporarily turn off, please select the deactivate feature.

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