Learn about the TADA add-on settings and activation.

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iSeller provides an additional loyalty point feature called TADA. Where TADA functions as a collect point, and TADA points that have been collected can be exchanged for eVouchers that are valid in the TADA application.

By activating TADA, you will get several benefits from the integration between iSeller and TADA

  • Integrated Loyalty Points between iSeller and TADA

  • Loyalty Points that have been obtained can be exchanged for TADA eVouchers

  • The eVoucher that has been exchanged can be used as payment at iSeller

  • Easy to use, making it easier for iSeller and TADA users to make transactions and also earn Loyalty Points

If this add-on has been installed, you can fill in the data needed to activate the TADA add-on on your store in the Apps menu and then the Tada sub-menu.

The following data needs to be filled in to activate TADA in your shop.

  • Enable Top Up Point: This function determines whether your shop can collect points.

  • Enable Redeem eGift: This function determines whether your shop can redeem eVouchers.

  • Outlets: This function determines which outlets you want the TADA add-on to activate.

  • Program Id, Wallet Id, MID, Username, Password, Cashier Pin: You will get this data from TADA and input it in the column provided by iSeller according to the image above.

After you have filled in all the data needed to activate the TADA add-on, now your shop can be used to collect points and redeem eVouchers with the TADA add-on.
To learn more about how to collect points and make payments on the POS and Online Store channels, please read the article Payment Arrangements with TADA (POS) and Payment Arrangements with TADA (Online Store).

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