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Payment Settings with TADA (POS)
Payment Settings with TADA (POS)

In this article, you can learn how to activate payment methods using TADA and how to make payments with TADA.

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To activate payment using TADA in your store, please follow the steps below.
โ€‹Step 1: Please click the Apps menu then the Tada sub-menu as shown below.

Step 2: Then please fill in the data required for the activation of TADA in your store.

  • Enable Top Up Point: This function determines whether your store can collect points.

  • Enable Redeem eGift: This function determines whether your store can redeem eVouchers.

  • Outlets: This function determines which outlets you want the TADA add-on to activate.

  • Program Id, Wallet Id, MID, Username, Password, Cashier Pin: You will get this data from TADA and input it in the column provided by iSeller according to the image above.

After that, press the Save button to activate the payment using TADA in your store.

The following shows the payment method using TADA at POS.

Collect Point

To collect points at POS for customers, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please select the items you want to add to the shopping cart.

Step 2: Then, please select one of the preferred payment methods. Then a column will appear to enter the customer's phone number as shown below.

  • Overwrite: This switch is activated if you want to change the customer's phone number.

  • No, Just Proceed: If the customer doesn't want to use TADA, please click this button to make a transaction as usual.

  • Submit: This button will collect points on your customer's phone number that has been entered.

Redeem eVoucher

To redeem eVouchers at POS, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: To activate payment using TADA eVouchers, please first activate it in the Settings menu then the Payment sub-menu , then activate Enable Tada Payment .

Step 2: After that, TADA will appear on the payment method page as shown below.

Please click TADA, to use the TADA eVoucher as a payment method.

Step 3: Then, please input the customer eVoucher code in the column provided as shown below.

If the eVoucher code is successfully validated, the customer's eVoucher will be redeemed in realtime.

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