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This article explains how to configure SSL on your personal domain.

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After learning about connecting your personal domain with an iSeller domain in the [Getting Started] Domain Settings (Online), you can also configure SSL if you want an SSL protection layer on the domain you purchased.

SSL is used to encrypt data transfers by your server and browser. Depending on your chosen domain hosting, usual SSL settings require additional fees.

To detect whether your domain already has SSL or not, can look at the browser's URL address when accessing the website. If there is https information at the beginning of the browser, the website already has an SSL layer to protect you from hackers.

Follow the steps below to configure SSL.

Step 1. Click SSL on your domain

Step 2. Click Generate Certificate Request

Step 3. Download the file by clicking "here" in the .csr format

Step 4. Upload the downloaded file to CA (Certificate Authority). CA is the settings contained in each domain hosting such as GoDaddy and Namecheap. Note that this CA setting will differ depending on your hosting.

Step 5. The result of the CA is a certificate in .cse format, then uploaded again in the SSL Configuration by clicking Upload Certificate.

Step 6. Click Save to complete the configuration. The display will change to as shown below.

After all is done, please wait about 1x24 hours (depending on your chosen domain hosting) to see the settings that you have made. If it has not changed, you can also ask the support on each domain hosting or ask for help to the iSeller support hotline to help complete this SSL domain setting.

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