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[Getting Started] Domain Settings (Online Store)
[Getting Started] Domain Settings (Online Store)

This article explain how to set up custom domain for your online store.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

There are many domain hosting service provider in the market. We recommend to use the company with longer history and reputation such as GoDaddy and Namecheap. There are reliable provider as well such as NiagaHoster, MasterWeb, Home Web, IDwebhost and many more. Selection of domain hosting provider is a matter of preference of user.

As an example of this guide, we provide steps to connect the domain to the iSeller domain

Pointing DNS (Domain Designation)

The first step to use a private domain in the iSeller web admin is that you need to do perform DNS point to your personal domain to the iSeller server address. To do this, you can create an A record.

A Record is a record/data that is used to create aliases and direct your website or domain to a particular server IP. In other words, A Record is used as a connector for your domain to iSeller IP Address.

To make an A Record, kindly login to the hosting where you purchased your domain name, in this example we are using Namecheap. The setting of adding host records varies depending on where you buy the domain name.

First, click Manage on your domain name to set DNS. Then open the Advanced DNS settings and click Add New Record as shown below.

Select the A Record

Fill in the host information for your domain.

For this example, the domain is, please fill Host with the character "@" which means there is no subdomain that needs to be added to access chocoinjar. If you want your customers to also be able to access, then you need to fill in the host information with "www".

Enter the iSeller IP Address to point the desired domain to the iSeller server address.

Kindly take note:

  1. There must be no data recorded with the same host pointing to different IP addresses. Means you cannot connect to iSeller IP Address (, then re-connect to another IP Address.

  2. Adding records can only be done in your chosen hosting platform. Also note that the configuration page and method for each provider is differ from each other. The example above is configuration page from Namecheap.

Manage Domain in iSeller Web Admin

After configuration DNS point in the domain hosting of your choice, next step is the domain settings in the iSeller web admin. Please follow the steps below.

Click the Sales Channel menu and select Online Store.

Scroll down to the Store Configuration panel.

In the Domain section, click Add Domain.

Fill in your domain name in the Domain Name column. Then click Set As Default to set it as your default domain.

Click Save to finish setting up your domain.

Thus you have set up your personal domain on the iSeller system.

SSL Configuration (Secure Sockets Layer)

This configuration only needs to be done if you want an SSL protection layer on the domain you purchased.

SSL is used to encrypt data transfers between your server and browser. Depending on your chosen domain hosting, usual SSL settings require additional fees.

To detect whether your domain have SSL or not, you can look at the browser URL address when accessing the website. If there is https information at the beginning of the browser, it means that the website already has an SSL layer to protect you from hackers.

To configure SSL, please read the Advanced Domain Settings article.

Hence, your online store is complete with the simplest features of the iSeller system. iSeller also provides advanced features such as product variants that have S, M, L and XL shirt sizes. Apart from that you can also easily display 1 group of products by grouping using collections. There are also discount promotions and flash sales for a certain time. You can read more in Learn Advanced Features (Online).

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