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[Getting Started] Register / Cashier Settings (POS)
[Getting Started] Register / Cashier Settings (POS)

This article explains how to set up a Register / Cashier for Point of Sale.

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In this article, you will learn how to set up a Register / Cashier at the Point of Sale. By using these settings, you can add a new cashier or set up a shift register system.

To set up a register / cashier at the POS, please open Sales Channels then select Point of Sale. The window display will show as below.

To change the register setting, please click the Pencil logo at the right of the Register Name.

Next, you will see a register setting display.

  1. Register Name: The name that you want to apply at the cashier.

  2. Notes: Notes that you want to remark to the cashier.

  3. Use Custom Receipt Template : Activate it, if you want the receipt at the POS according to the template that has been set.

  4. Receipt Template : Choose the existing receipt template.

  5. Last Login: Details for the last login person in using the Register / Cashier.

  6. Last Shift: Display the last shift schedule set in the Register / Cashier.

  7. Change User Require PIN: Once activate, the user must enter their unique PIN before they can use the Register / Cashier.

  8. Status: Choose the Active status if you want the setting to be applied.

  9. Save: Save your Register / Cashier settings.

Register Settings

You can track sales activities such as cash in, cash out and cashier adjustments at one shift in the Register Settings as below.

When you turn on the Enable Register Shift option, you will be able to track your sales and cashier activities. Furthermore, the cashier must enter the amount of money in the cashier in accordance with the amount of money in the iSeller system during close shift. Below are 2 options after you Enabled Register Shift :

  1. Automatic Open Register Shift : shall be activated if your store has only 1 employee per cashier, so that the cashier employee does not need to select Enable Register Shift each time when a work shift starts.

  2. Required Sync Before Close Shift : If enabled, it will be useful when there are orders at the POS that have not yet been entered into the iSeller web admin so that you cannot close the register to end the shift. This is useful as a reminder for you to make sure all orders have been entered again by the web admin.

To manage your employees' work shifts, you may find it in the Workshift Settings article.

Additional cashiers will be subject to additional fees. To find out more information please call us at 0812 1111 8300 or visit and chat with us through Live Chat!

That is the initial setting for the POS machine at the store, you can start selling using iSeller. To see the transaction steps carried out by the cashier, please read the article Initial Setup (POS).

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