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Workshift Settings

This article will explain about workshift settings such as activating workshift, automatic clock out, and user working hours.

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This feature allows you to monitor the work shifts of your POS users.

Activate the Workshift Feature

To activate the workshift feature, please open the Settings menu then the Work Shifts sub-menu.

In the Time Clock Management panel, please activate the Enable Time Clock Management feature.

When active, the user's work hours will be saved as an attendance while using the POS application. Work shifts are calculated from the clock-in time to the clock-out time.

For clock-in, users simply enter into the iSeller POS using email and password (can be created in Add New User), then automatically the user's work shift has started.

For clock-out, users simply press the Clockout button on their POS then the user's work shift automatically ends.

Automatic Clock Out

The Enable Auto Clock Out feature allows you to automatically clock-out when new users log in. This feature is made to reduce the negligence that might occur where users forget to do manual clock-out so that they have excessive work hours.

User Shifts Panel, you can review the working hours of each employee / user in your store.

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