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Reservations at FnB Restaurants (POS)
Reservations at FnB Restaurants (POS)

In this article, you will learn how to make a reservation at your FnB restaurant via POS.

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If your restaurant implements a reservation system for customers, iSeller POS can make it easier for you to manage customer reservations starting from choosing a table, arranging arrivals, choosing menus, and so on.

To be able to implement it, here is an example of how to make a reservation arrangement through iSeller POS if a customer wants to make a reservation. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: On the POS main page, please select the three line button in the upper left corner.

Select Settings > General > Activate the Use Reservation Feature button.

Then, the Reservation Menu will appear on the main POS page.

Step 2: Select Menu Reservation > Add New Reservation.

Step 3: You need to fill in the information below.

  • Is Reservation : If activated, customers can choose a table at the time of making a reservation. If disabled, customers can choose a table when they come to your restaurant and check-in.

  • Use Existing Customer : If it is activated, then the customer has already been registered at the restaurant, so you only need to add a customer. If it is disabled, then the customer has never been registered with your restaurant so you will need to enter their name first.

  • Add Customer / Name : Select registered customer name or input customer name.

  • Phone : Customer phone number

  • Number of Person : Number of people who will attend with customers

  • Note : Postscript

  • Email : Customer E-mail

  • Reservation Date : Reservation date and time

  • Add Table : Choose the table you want to order

  • Duration : Reservation duration booked

  • Select Menu : If activated, then the customer can choose the order in advance when making a reservation. If it is disabled, then the customer selects the order after coming to the restaurant and checking in.

After all reservation data has been filled in, the reservation on behalf of the customer will be saved.

Step 4: When the customer has come to your restaurant to check-in reservation. Please select the customer's reservation > Check-In.

Select OK as shown below.

Select YES to confirm the reservation as shown below.

Step 5: Next, the customer will be directed to the order menu.

You can read the FnB Order Fulfillment article at POS to proceed with customer orders.

Then, after the customer has finished making the payment, you need to checkout or vacate the customer's table by following the Table Checkout article.

The reservation process on your FnB restaurant is complete.

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