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FnB Order Fulfillment at POS
FnB Order Fulfillment at POS

In this article, you will learn how to fulfill customer orders for FnB business types.

Written by Cheah
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In order fulfillment at POS, there are features that can make it easier for you to process customer orders from the order being made, served, until the customer makes payment. To get started, please go to the main menu at POS where customers can choose the product they want to order.

Here are the steps :

Step 1: When the customer has selected the order to be ordered, the cashier will proceed to the cooking process. Please select Send to Kitchen.

If there is an order that you want to cook some time later, the cashier can select the Later option by sliding the order and selecting Later.

Step 2: Here is a sign when a customer's order is being cooked.

Step 3: If the food is ready, you need to change the status to ready to serve. You can shift the order and press the Done option on the order or press the cooking sign on the order and the status will automatically be checked or ready to be served.

Here is a sign when the order is ready to be served.

Step 4: Next, when the customer has finished eating at your restaurant and will make payment. Please return to the customer's order and select Pay.

The total payment and payment method options that the customer can choose will be listed. Then, do the payment process until it is complete.

FnB Order Fulfillment at POS has been completed.

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