Tokopedia Multi Account Settings

In this article, you will learn how to add an account to the Tokopedia marketplace.

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For those of you who have many stores on the Tokopedia marketplace, you can integrate these stores with iSeller. With this, you can manage all your Tokopedia accounts using only iSeller.

To be able to do this, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please select Apps Menu > Tokopedia Sub Menu.

Step 2: On the Authentication panel, select Add Another Account

You need to fill in the name of the store that you have on Tokopedia to integrate with iSeller > Select Save.

Step 3: Next, you need to activate the account you just integrated. Account activation on Tokopedia is slightly different from Shopee and Lazada. You need to contact the iSeller Support Team to help you activate the account you have on Tokopedia to be integrated with iSeller.

If you have contacted the iSeller Support Team, then you only need to wait a few moments for your account to be successfully activated by iSeller. iSeller will send a notification via your email as shown below.

Select Accept to agree to the activation of your Tokopedia account. If so, then your Tokopedia account has been successfully connected by iSeller.

Step 4: After activating, you need to set the visibility of the product you want to sell on the newly connected Tokopedia account. Please select Catalog > Products > Select the product you want to sell on your Tokopedia account

Then, activate the Tokopedia marketplace where you want to set the visibility to blue.

Step 4: You need to do inventory settings for the newly connected Tokopedia account. Please select Sales Channel > Tokopedia > Select the Tokopedia account that you want to manage inventory.

You can make inventory settings on each marketplace you want.

Step 5: You need to import products from iSeller to the newly connected Tokopedia account. To do this, please select the Catalog Menu > Listings Sub Menu > and select the Marketplace that will be filled with products.

To import products from listings in the Tokopedia marketplace, the steps can be seen here. Meanwhile, to set up listings, the steps can be seen here.

When the product import has been successfully carried out, the product will automatically appear in the Listings view.

Products that are already on the Listings will automatically appear in the store on the Tokopedia account that you just integrated.

Sales Report

Besides being able to integrate products, you can also access product sales reports for each store in the Tokopedia marketplace that you own. You can access those sales reports with the following steps.

Step 1: Please select Reports Menu > Sales Reports Sub Menu > Select "Marketplace Tokopedia" in the All Channels item.

If so, the display of the sales report is as follows.

You can access these sales reports in detail by using iSeller.

The Multi Account setup on the Tokopedia marketplace has been completed.

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