Listing Import

Learn how to add a great number of product listings and data from Marketplace to iSeller automatically

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Listing import will automatically retrieve product data from Marketplaces, then add or update listing details on iSeller. This allows you to add listing product in bulk.

To add your listing product automatically, click the Listing menu, select the desired marketplaces, then click Import as shown below.

Change Mapped Information Detail

This setting will change the listing information on iSeller according to the changes made in Shopee products. However, first, you have to map your listing product to Shopee.

Automatically Link Listing to Products with the same SKU

This setting will automatically link listings to existing iSeller products with the same SKU.

Create Products Automatically and Link to Listing

If you don't have a product on iSeller, then this setting will automatically create a product on iSeller and directly link it to the listing.

This option will forcibly create a product in iSeller even if the product with the same SKU already exists.

You can also specify the date to import products from Shopee to iSeller. If you do not choose a date, by default iSeller will only retrieve products that have been edited in Shopee the date after you activated Shopee add-on on iSeller.

For example, the date you set is December 8, 2020, then iSeller will only retrieve products that have been edited on Shopee after December 8, 2020.

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